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Notes for remarks by Kathleen Wynne Premier of Ontario June 24, 2014 SWEARING-IN CEREMONY

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Notes for remarks by Kathleen Wynne Premier of Ontario June 24, 2014 SWEARING-IN CEREMONY

Office of the Premier


Your Honour,

Distinguished guests,

Valued colleagues,

And dear friends and family.

Many thanks to you for your love and support.

We are gathered on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit.

I am humbled to be here today to accept the great honour of this office,

And I am grateful for the trust the people of Ontario have placed in me.

To everyone across this beautiful province --

I promise you, I will not let you down.

I will continue to work to earn your trust.

This is a naturally partisan place as it should be, but I lead your government and your government exists to work for you and in your best interests - taking into account voices from all sides.

I will lead an open and transparent government that is accountable,

That is guided by integrity,

And is informed by a profound responsibility to make life better for everyone across Ontario -- from Kenora to Cornwall to Chatham.

I believe that government must be a force for good in people's lives,

And I have assembled a strong team that has the skills and expertise we need to get results.

We are here today with a clear mandate from the people of Ontario.

We know that they are counting on us to be responsible with their futures,

And we are ready to get to work.

We are committed to continuing our collaborative approach.

We will listen to all voices from across the province,

Because we are One Ontario and every perspective matters.

Our team is ready to build Ontario up,

So we can realize our full potential as a place where everyone can flourish.

Your government will not be passive or peripheral; on the contrary, your government will be active and centred.

The activist centre defines your government's approach.

It is where we need to be to make immediate and lasting improvements in your life and in your community.

We will do so actively, by making strategic investments in building the province up and fostering our economic recovery.

We will uphold our unwavering commitment to balancing the budget by 2017-18.

And that means we have some difficult choices ahead of us.

We will be wise and prudent with our spending,

But we will also invest where we must.

Ontario already has the lowest per-capita program spending among all the provinces,

And we will continue to work to transform our public services to become even more efficient --

In fact, making every dollar count is a key component of our economic plan,

To ensure that we do not sacrifice our high-quality services as we balance our books.

Our economic plan for Ontario is focused on creating jobs by investing in people, building modern infrastructure and supporting a dynamic and innovative business climate.

Our first priority is always people,

Because our people are our greatest strength here in Ontario,

That's why we will continue to invest in programs focused on developing talent and skills.

We want our children to get the best start to their education, so we will continue to support full-day kindergarten.

And we will ensure that everyone who wants a post-secondary education can access one,

Because we want to make sure that everyone can prosper and enjoy fulfilling careers.

Ontario will continue to be a North American leader when it comes to having a highly skilled and educated workforce.

We are moving ahead with our Ontario Retirement Pension Plan,

So that everyone can retire with the dignity and financial security they deserve.

Ontario will be the best place to live, from childhood to retirement.

And a big part of making sure that our province is a great place to live is investing in our next generation of infrastructure,

Which is the second key component of our plan.

We need better public transit,

Better roads,

Better highways,

Better bridges,

And better hospitals and schools.

We need everyone to be able to move around effectively;

It creates jobs now and will increase productivity for the future.

Because we will lose our competitive advantage globally if our talented workforce is stuck in traffic for hours and hours each day.

And that brings me to the third part of our economic plan --

Supporting a dynamic and innovative business climate.

There is fierce competition for global investment,

And if we want companies to invest their dollars -- and create more jobs -- here in Ontario, we need to have an attractive business environment.

We also will continue to support a highly competitive tax regime that encourages businesses to come to Ontario and invest in Ontario.

We are currently the number one jurisdiction in North America to attract foreign direct investment, ahead of California and New York.

We know that smart partnerships with businesses and a competitive tax regime will help secure jobs for today and jobs for tomorrow.

Ontario will have a thriving economy for years to come.

All of the pieces of our plan will provide the tools for Ontario to become a global economic leader.

Together, we will build Ontario up.

We will do it with integrity,

We will do it transparently,

And we will do it all while balancing the budget.

Our plan will get results,

Because I know that people from all corners of the province are counting on it.

I entered public service because I believe that government must be a force for good in people's lives.

As Premier of Ontario, I will continue to fight for every person I have met across the province -- and the millions I may never meet -- to make sure they have access to the opportunity and security they so richly deserve. For now and for the future.

I am committed to delivering what people have told us they need to succeed,

And I am confident that the next 10 years will be Ontario's Decade.

Thank you. Merci. Meegwetch.