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Speech from the Throne: Building Ontario Up

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Speech from the Throne: Building Ontario Up

Government Builds Opportunity and Security for All

Office of the Premier

The newly re-elected government's robust plan to build Ontario up was outlined today in a Speech from the Throne before the 41st Parliament of Ontario. The throne speech included details of the government's comprehensive plan to strengthen the economy and help create good jobs today and tomorrow. The government's plan will build opportunity and security for people at every age and stage, from childhood to retirement.

The government's plan to build on the talent and skills of Ontario's workforce will:

  • Help recent high school graduates gain valuable work experience with the introduction of Experience Ontario;
  • Extend the Youth Jobs Strategy to put more young people on the path to fulfilling careers;
  • Provide more postsecondary spaces for students;
  • Make full-day kindergarten available across the province this fall;
  • Improve education to achieve excellence.

The government's plan to build the modern infrastructure Ontario needs will:

  • Make a historic investment of more than $130 billion over the next ten years in public infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and transit;
  • Create two dedicated transit and transportation infrastructure funds totalling about $29 billion;
  • Commit $1 billion to strategic transportation infrastructure in the Ring of Fire.

The government's plan to support a dynamic business climate will:

  • Focus on local and international partnerships, including global trade missions, to attract new investments;
  • Foster growth through job-creating partnerships with business, supported by the Jobs and Prosperity Fund;
  • Balance the budget by 2017-18, with the help of the new President of the Treasury Board, who will champion transparency and accountability across government.

The government will also take steps to create the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, to give millions of people in the province the retirement security they deserve. To help more children and their families succeed, the government will introduce a new poverty reduction strategy.

These initiatives are part of the government's plan to build a healthier, fairer, stronger province that offers opportunity now and a more secure future for every citizen.

Quick Facts

  • David C. Onley is Ontario’s 28th Lieutenant Governor. He represents Her Majesty The Queen of Canada.
  • This Speech from the Throne marks the beginning of the 1st session of the 41st Parliament of Ontario.
  • Kathleen Wynne is Ontario’s first elected female premier.

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“Our government has put forward a comprehensive plan that will help Ontario realize its full potential. We will lead from the activist centre, and invest responsibly to support our talented workforce and ensure hardworking people can retire in dignity and security. We will build Ontario up with new roads, bridges and highways to connect our communities, so they can all prosper. And we will continue to build a positive climate for business that attracts investments and creates jobs now and for the future.”

Kathleen Wynne

Premier of Ontario



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