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Ontario's Proposed Pan-Canadian Actions for the Roundtable

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Ontario's Proposed Pan-Canadian Actions for the Roundtable

Office of the Premier

Prevention and Awareness

  1. Pan-Canadian Prevention and Awareness Campaign. Building on existing initiatives, collaborate to establish a pan-Canadian prevention and awareness campaign focused on changing the public perception and attitudes on the issue of violence against Aboriginal women and girls.

  1. Socio-economic Action Plan for Aboriginal Women and Girls. Develop a FPTA socio-economic action plan, building on existing initiatives and action plans (e.g. through the Aboriginal Affairs Working Group), for Aboriginal women and girls including strategies to address access to housing, child care, education (including transitioning from reserve to non-reserve educational institutions) and economic opportunities. The plan could be reported into the 2016 roundtable.

Community Safety and Healing

  1. Community Safety Plans. Expand the Community Safety Plan Initiative to support the development of a targeted number of community safety plans with an emphasis on healing and addressing the safety needs specific to each rural, remote, reserve, settlement and urban community.
  1. Inter-agency Information Sharing. Establish an inter-agency and cross-sectoral forum where government, police, Aboriginal community representatives, and other interested partners gather regularly to share information and best practices and develop collaborative strategies to increase safety for Aboriginal women and girls.
  1. Reduce Number of Aboriginal Children in Care. Engage the federal government in the work of provinces, territories, national and regional Aboriginal organizations and affected service providers in efforts to reduce the high number of Aboriginal children in care and ensure the provision of quality, monitored and culturally-grounded care to those in the child welfare system.
  1. Improve Victim Services. Improve the coordination and delivery of holistic front-line services for Aboriginal victims of violence, including access to domestic violence shelters and support for children and families who experience violence, with a strong focus on healing of the family of men, women and children.

Policing Measures and Justice Responses

  1. Community Engagement Protocols. Police and justice services to work with Aboriginal communities to develop community engagement protocols for respectful engagement in the design and development of policies, programs and services which could impact Aboriginal women and girls.
  1. Cultural Competency Training. Provide cultural competency training, including components focused on Aboriginal history, impacts of policies, legislation and historical trauma, for police and criminal justice system workers. Training could also be extended to public servants and public sector employees, including educators, medical and health service workers, child welfare and social service support.
  1. Pan-Canadian Collaboration, Databases and Information Sharing. Collaborate on police procedures and improving responses across Canada, including developing accurate and reliable cross-jurisdictional data collection systems and databases on individual missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.  

  2. First Nations Policing. Support for First Nations policing through long-term, adequate and sustainable funding agreements.



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