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New Partnerships Strengthen Collaboration with Jiangsu

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New Partnerships Strengthen Collaboration with Jiangsu

Office of the Premier

Ontario and Jiangsu signed nine MOUs and agreements yesterday under the Industrial Cooperation Forum that will encourage new investments and increase collaboration between the two provinces.

Ontario-Jiangsu Business Council Minutes

The Ontario-Jiangsu Business Council held its seventh annual general meeting, which included the signing of the minutes and joint work plan for the coming year. The minutes and joint work plan outline Ontario's and Jiangsu's commitment to continue supporting bilateral, education, tourism and cultural exchanges, as well as collaboration in trade and investment, science and technology, agriculture and environmental protection. The two provinces will continue to provide support and assistance to visiting delegations as they participate in symposiums, site visits, seminar and business matchmaking events, and other activities.

Letter of Intent on Official Exchange

Ontario's Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs - Cabinet Office and the Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Office signalled their intent to develop a memorandum of understanding to create a new educational exchange program that focuses on enhancing the skills and knowledge base of current and future government officials in both jurisdictions.

MOU on the Ontario-Jiangsu Industrial R&D Program and Technological Cooperation

The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province signed an MOU to create and jointly implement a bilateral program for industrial R&D. The joint program will develop and enhance cooperation in the field of industrial and technology innovations and improve further cooperation in economics and business. Each party intends to allocate up to $3 million in Canadian dollars over five years to support collaborative industrial R&D projects that are mutually beneficial.

MOU on Establishing Nanotechnology Innovation Centre

The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province signed an MOU to promote and facilitate the establishment of an Ontario-Jiangsu Nanotech Innovation Centre. This centre will connect Ontario and Jiangsu nanotechnology resources, strengthen bilateral collaboration in nanotechnology industries, integrate nanotechnology information databases, organize bilateral nanotechnology forums and expos, and actively promote mutual visits and collaboration among nanotechnology research organizations, innovation centres and businesses. Nano Ontario and Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd. will implement and operate the centre on behalf of Ontario and Jiangsu, respectively.

Agreement on Building Nanotechnology Innovation Center

Nano Ontario and Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd. signed an MOU to establish and operate the Ontario-Jiangsu Nanotech Innovation Center, which will start operations in Jiangsu before December 1, 2015. Nano Ontario is a fully incorporated not-for-profit company that represents the interests of academic, government, industrial and finance community members in the development of nanotechnologies in Ontario. Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd. is a Chinese state-owned company of Suzhou Industrial Park that focuses on nanotech industry promotion and services to establish an ecosystem for nanotech innovation and commercialization in Jiangsu. Consideration will be given by the parties to establishing a similar Nanotech Innovation Centre in Ontario in future years.

MOU between Nanjing Museum and Royal Ontario Museum

After a successful agreement signed in October 2008, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Nanjing Museum of the Jiangsu province of China have entered into a second cooperative agreement to promote friendship and better cultural understanding between the people of Canada and China. This agreement aims to identify shared efforts that will be mutually beneficial to each country through exhibition development, object and art conservation, educational programs and staff exchanges. The agreement will be in place for the next five years.

Cooperation Agreement on Smart Wearables and Home Devices

McMaster University and Jiangsu R&D Center of Internet-of-Things signed an MOU on collaboration in the emerging areas of smart sensors, distributed sensor networks and Internet-of-Things technologies. It will focus on smart home for aging as well as smart healthcare applications, which are of strategic importance to both Ontario and Jiangsu. Representatives from McMaster University visited Jiangsu R&D Center of Internet-of-Things, based in Wuxi, Jiangsu, during Premier Wynne's 2014 mission to China and initiated discussions on establishing a research and commercialization partnership. The collaboration is built on mutual complementary expertise and resources. Both sides intend to jointly develop core technologies and explore commercialization pathways, including establishing joint ventures in both Ontario and Jiangsu.

Investment Agreement between Kanion and United Biologics

Kanion and United Biologics Inc. signed an MOU on further developing and commercializing biofertilizer technologies. Kanion is a Jiangsu company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with one of the largest bio-natural product manufacturing facilities in China, and United Biologics Inc. is an Ontario company focusing on developing biofertilizers, biocontrol and soil remediation technologies. Both sides intend to explore further collaboration in other areas, including agriculture, water, health, environment and financial services.

Investment Agreement between Nanjing Jiangning Science and Technology Venture Investment Group and D&T Photonics

D&T Photonics and Nanjing Jiangning Science and Technology Venture Investment Group signed an MOU to close a one million Canadian dollar investment into D&T Photonics and strengthen future investment collaborations in technology commercialization. D&T Photonics is an Ottawa-based technology company founded by researchers from the University of Ottawa; Nanjing Jiangning Science and Technology Venture Investment Group is a Chinese state-owned enterprise from Jiangsu.



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