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Agreement Regarding Culture

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Agreement Regarding Culture

Between The Government of Ontario and The Gouvernement du Québec

Office of the Premier

THE GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO (hereinafter called "Ontario") is represented by the Premier of Ontario and by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

THE GOUVERNEMENT DU QUÉBEC (hereinafter called "Québec") is represented by the Premier ministre du Québec, the ministre de la Culture et des Communications et ministre responsable de la Protection et de la Promotion de la langue française, as well as by the ministre responsable des Relations canadiennes et de la Francophonie canadienne.

The governments of Ontario and Québec are also hereinafter called "the Parties".

WHEREAS Ontario and Québec signed the Protocol for Cooperation Between the Government of Ontario and the Gouvernement du Québec on the 2nd day of the month of June 2006, which identifies the understanding and development of Ontario's and Québec`s respective cultures, including their heritage, as a priority area of cooperation;

WHEREAS in the context of the Protocol, Ontario and Québec also signed the Agreement for Cooperation Between the Gouvernement du Québec and the Government of Ontario Regarding Culture on the 2nd day of the month of June 2006 (the "2006 Agreement");

WHEREAS Ontario and Québec have developed a cooperative relationship over the past several years in the area of culture;

WHEREAS significant technological changes in recent years have introduced new challenges with respect to cultural development and prompt the two provinces to further their collaboration;

WHEREAS the Parties are convinced of culture's important role as a factor in the development of their societies and wish to encourage exchanges in this area;

WHEREAS Ontario and Québec both believe in the economic value of culture;

WHEREAS Ontario and Québec reiterated their desire to strengthen their governmental relationship on culture on the occasion of the joint Cabinet meeting on September 11, 2015;

WHEREAS, Ontario and Québec recognize their special relationship, including that Ontario has the largest francophone population outside Québec, that Ontario is committed towards developing francophone culture and that, therefore, the two provinces renewed this year the Cooperation and exchange agreement between the gouvernment of Ontario and the gouvernement du Québec regarding francophonie.



1.1 The purpose of the present Agreement is to reiterate the Parties' commitment to cooperate in the field of culture and update the content of the 2006 Agreement.

1.2 In order to continue and strengthen their cooperation with respect to culture, the Parties wish to work together to:

  • Encourage the movement of artists and cultural organizations and foster greater economic activity between Ontario and Québec;

  • Encourage the exchange of information, documents and expertise about cultural policies and programs between the two provinces;

  • Encourage cultural exchanges and discussion by promoting and disseminating cultural works and products, holding events to expand the cultural reach of both Parties' communities, and by developing partnerships between cultural institutions.


2.1 The Parties hereby undertake to maintain a joint standing committee on culture (hereinafter called the "Culture Standing Committee").

2.2 The Culture Standing Committee's mandate is to set priorities and identify issues common to Ontario and Québec in the area of culture.

2.3 If it wishes, the Culture Standing Committee may develop and coordinate the implementation and follow-up of a cultural action plan incorporating possible strategic activities and cooperative projects based on set priorities and identified issues, or put in place any other means it deems relevant to define and implement its joint collaboration.

2.4 The Culture Standing Committee will submit for approval, to the ministre de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and to the minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport of Ontario, the list of priorities, the action plan along with any revisions made to the list of priorities or action plan.

2.5 The Culture Standing Committee will be comprised of the deputy ministers of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport of Ontario and the ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec or their delegates, who will act as co-chairs of the Committee.

2.6 The co-chairs are responsible for naming the representatives who sit on the Committee and set the length of their terms.

2.7 The Parties will determine and allocate on a yearly basis, the necessary funds to apply the current Agreement, in accordance with the established budgetary processes and policies of each of the respective governments..


The Parties accept and recognize that this Agreement represents a positive and valuable contribution to the promotion of culture in Ontario and Québec.


4.1 This Agreement replaces the Agreement for Cooperation on Culture between the Government of Ontario and the Gouvernement du Québec of June 2, 2006 and comes into effect upon the date it is signed by both Parties.

4.2 Either party may terminate this Agreement, without cause and at any time, without liability, penalty, or costs upon giving at least 180 days' notice to the other party.

4.3 Any changes to this Agreement shall be by written amendment signed by the Parties. No changes shall be effective or shall be carried out in the absence of such an amendment.

Signed at Toronto, on this 21st day of the month of October 2016, in French and in English, both versions being equally authentic.



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