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Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Economic and Social Development in the North

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Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Economic and Social Development in the North

Between the Government of Ontario and the Gouvernement du Québec

Office of the Premier

WHEREAS  Ontario's and Québec's northern regions face similar challenges, including geographical remoteness, limited access to services, skills training and labour force development, and transportation and infrastructure issues; 

WHEREAS Ontario and Québec wish to create economic development in the North for the benefit of their populations in a sustainable manner;

WHEREAS Ontario and Québec are entering into this Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their collaborative relationship for the good of their respective economies;

ACCORDINGLY, the parties to this Memorandum of Understanding wish to share information to promote opportunities in northern regions in regards to economic development, relations with communities and Indigenous peoples, innovation, and infrastructure.

1. Economic Development

  • Ontario and Québec will share information on the Plan Nord and the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario including:

    1. the key sectors that promote economic growth in the North, including the energy, mining, and forest sectors;

    2. the commercial and economic spinoffs and opportunities related to the development of a green economy, particularly in the mining and energy efficiency sectors, and with respect to climate change and its impacts on the communities; and

    3. skills training and labour force development in the North.

2. Relations with Communities and Indigenous Peoples

  • Ontario and Québec will share information aimed at improving capacity building and economic opportunities of local and Indigenous communities in the North.

3. Innovation

  • Ontario and Québec will explore opportunities to cooperate on innovation and will share information to help accelerate the use of new technologies in energy and mining, in an effort to support northern development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Infrastructure

  • Ontario and Québec will cooperate and share information to identify planning needs for northern infrastructure, which may include, among other things: telecommunications, energy supply and efficiency and transportation infrastructure.

5. Implementation

  • Ontario and Québec may establish, as necessary, working groups to share information and promote a collaborative relationship between the parties.

  • Projects resulting from this Memorandum of Understanding may be covered, by a further agreement, which can include the following:

    (i) terms of cooperation;

    (ii) parties' contributions;

    (iii) financing methods;

    (iv) scope of the project; and

    (v) anticipated outcomes.

6. General Provisions

This Memorandum of Understanding does not create legally binding obligations for the parties.

This Memorandum of Understanding may be amended by mutual written consent of the parties.

Either Ontario or Québec may terminate this Memorandum of Understanding by providing at least two (2) months' prior written notice.

Signed in Toronto, on the 21st day of October, 2016, one copy in French and one copy in English, both texts being regarded as equally authentic.



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