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Ontario's Parliamentary Assistants Working to Help People in Their Everyday Lives

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Ontario's Parliamentary Assistants Working to Help People in Their Everyday Lives

Province Releases Mandate Letters Setting Out Priorities for PAs

Office of the Premier

Ontario's ministers have provided direction to parliamentary assistants (PAs) on how they will support the government's work to build Ontario up for everyone.

This follows the release in September of Premier Kathleen Wynne's mandate letters to ministers, directing them and their ministries to work together to create jobs and economic growth that is more inclusive and to help people in their everyday lives.

Priorities outlined in the mandate letters to PAs released today include:

  • Supporting efforts to mitigate the impact of electricity prices on residential and business consumers
  • Promoting initiatives to cut unnecessary red tape to save businesses time and money, and to support innovation and economic growth
  • Strengthening palliative and end-of-life care to provide more people with access to hospices and palliative care services, and to better support caregivers, families and home hospice volunteer services in the community
  • Assisting in the adoption and use of digital technology to transform how citizens engage and interact with government, such as helping people use technology to find the health care they need
  • Helping to implement a major reform of student financial assistance, including making average tuition free for students with financial need from families who make less than $50,000 a year
  • Supporting the transformation of the child welfare and family services sector to put children at the centre of decision-making and improve outcomes for children, youth and families
  • Helping to improve the protection of consumers, investors and pension plan beneficiaries through strengthening and modernizing the regulation of financial services and pensions in Ontario
  • Developing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan that sets out priorities and actions for Ontario to adapt to the effects of climate change
  • Supporting the development and implementation of an Indigenous Languages Revitalization Strategy as part of Ontario's commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

Releasing these mandate letters to the public increases openness and accountability, and is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • In November 2014, Ontario for the first time made parliamentary assistants’ mandate letters available to the public.
  • Parliamentary assistants support ministers with legislative and committee matters, work with community partners and industry groups, and undertake special projects.
  • Ontario’s unemployment rate decreased to 6.3 per cent in November — the lowest rate since 2008 and the 19th month in a row it has been below the national average.
  • Ontario is making the largest infrastructure investment in hospitals, schools, public transit, roads and bridges in the province’s history. To learn more about what’s happening in your community, go to Ontario.ca/BuildON.

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“Parliamentary assistants provide crucial support to ministers’ work to build Ontario up for everyone. Their mandate letters give people across the province an opportunity to better understand the specific ways we are working to create jobs and support economic growth that we can all share in.”

Kathleen Wynne

Premier of Ontario



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