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Bracebridge and Huntsville Benefitting from Replacement of Key Bridge

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Bracebridge and Huntsville Benefitting from Replacement of Key Bridge

Provincial Support Boosting Economic Growth, Creating Jobs and Connecting Communities

Office of the Premier

Ontario is covering 90 per cent of the costs of the replacement of an important bridge connecting the towns of Bracebridge and Huntsville, to provide better access between the two communities while creating jobs and boosting economic growth.

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced today in Bracebridge that the province is providing up to $1,176,229 to the two towns to help pay for their shared project replacing the Stephenson Road 1 Bridge. The new bridge now has the structural integrity to allow unrestricted use by heavy winter service vehicles, emergency response vehicles and the general public. It will help ease the flow of traffic and increase road safety, creating a better quality of life and more economic opportunities for local families and businesses. 

Bracebridge and Huntsville are among the 426 communities that will receive increased support from the province this year through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) to build and upgrade local infrastructure.

Ontario is making the largest infrastructure investment in the province's history to build hospitals, schools, public transit, roads and bridges. To learn more about what's happening in your community, go to Ontario.ca/BuildON.

Improving local infrastructure in Bracebridge and Huntsville is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is tripling its investments through OCIF from $100 million in 2016 to $300 million per year by 2019.
  • This commitment includes increasing the formula-based funding to $200 million and increasing the application-based component to about $100 million.
  • In 2017, Ontario is investing up to $195 million in OCIF: $95 million in formula-based funding to support projects in 426 small, rural and northern communities, and up to $100 million to support community projects under the 2017 Top-Up Application Component.
  • OCIF supports projects in municipalities with a population of less than 100,000, as well as municipalities that are located in northern or rural Ontario.

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“Across Ontario, we are helping communities build vital local infrastructure like the Stephenson Road 1 Bridge in Bracebridge and Huntsville. Building and repairing critical infrastructure in small, rural and northern municipalities makes it safer and easier to get around, strengthens communities and ensures Ontario’s long-term prosperity.”

Kathleen Wynne

Premier of Ontario

“Our government is committed to improving roads, bridges and water infrastructure in rural Ontario. Today’s announcement demonstrates our government’s commitment to working with municipalities to address critical infrastructure needs in their communities. These important investments help create jobs, boost our economy and provide opportunities for families and businesses in rural Ontario.”

Jeff Leal

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“The upgrades to roads, bridges, water and wastewater infrastructure made possible by the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund continue to lead to positive changes in our communities. It’s our job to enable innovative projects that help spur local economic activity, create job opportunities for Ontarians and raise quality of life across the province.”

Bob Chiarelli

Minister of Infrastructure



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