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Cabinet Changes Include New Minister Assignments and Increased Focus on Francophone Community

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Cabinet Changes Include New Minister Assignments and Increased Focus on Francophone Community

Office of the Premier

Premier Kathleen Wynne today announced changes to her cabinet that include assigning a minister to a new portfolio, promoting an MPP to cabinet and putting a renewed focus on Ontario's Francophone community.

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

Ontario is committed to continuing to lead the fight against climate change. The new minister will oversee implementation of the Climate Change Action Plan, continue to implement the carbon market and develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan. The minister will also lead work in areas such as protecting water and the Great Lakes, increasing waste diversion and improving drinking water for Indigenous communities.

Minister of Housing and Minister Responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy

To make sure people across Ontario are able to find a safe and affordable home, the new minister's mandate includes overseeing and building on Ontario's 16-point Fair Housing Plan, which includes an expansion of rent control and a Non-Resident Speculation Tax. The minister's other priorities include working on the development of a National Housing Strategy, as well as an Indigenous Housing Strategy to address the housing needs of Indigenous people living off reserve.

To help ensure that everyone shares in Ontario's economic growth, as Minister Responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the new minister will oversee the implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, including moving towards the goal of ending chronic homelessness by 2025. The minister will also work with the Ministry of Community and Social Services on implementing the Basic Income Pilot.

Minister of Francophone Affairs

The creation of a standalone ministry reinforces the government's recognition that Francophone people, culture and language are a vibrant part of life in Ontario. It also strengthens the government's commitment to ensuring that members of the province's Francophone community can fully contribute to social, economic and political life in Ontario.

The new ministry will promote the use of a Francophone lens to strengthen French-language services across health care, court services and postsecondary education. The new ministry will also celebrate Francophone culture and the French language across the province. And it will promote these cornerstones of Ontario's identity at the provincial, national and international levels, including with the province's new observer status in the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie.