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Ontario and Michigan Sign MOU to Strengthen Trade, Mobility, Tourism and Environmental Partnerships

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Ontario and Michigan Sign MOU to Strengthen Trade, Mobility, Tourism and Environmental Partnerships

Office of the Premier

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder released a joint statement today following their meeting in Detroit:

"Even in a period of rapid economic change and uncertainty over the future of our trade, Ontario and Michigan continue to share a productive partnership. Today, we signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will see Ontario and Michigan work together to create more jobs and economic growth, foster a more competitive business climate, promote and encourage co-operation in tourism, and protect our shared resources for future generations.

The deep integration of our economies is vital to the success of our workers and businesses. We are each other's largest trading partners and share the busiest Canada-U.S. border crossing. In 2017, two-way trade between Ontario and Michigan totalled US$65 billion (CAD$84 billion). Much of our trade depends on our closely integrated auto supply chains — together, Ontario and Michigan account for almost a quarter of North American vehicle production.

Ontario and Michigan have always worked closely to encourage innovation and enhance competitiveness in the auto sector, most notably through two previous MOUs. Our collaboration has already resulted in North America's first national, cross-border automated vehicle test drive through Southern Ontario and Michigan. Despite uncertainty at the national level, states and provinces like Ontario and Michigan continue to protect and deepen our productive, job-creating partnership.

The MOU we are signing today further strengthens our already robust trade and investment relationship and encourages new opportunities for collaboration and growth. It supports enhanced bilateral trade, will help us cooperate more in attracting tourism, promotes the Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor, and strengthens coordinated activities around the protection and restoration of our shared Great Lakes.

Ontario and Michigan build great things together — from cutting-edge vehicles to sustainable environmental strategies. We know that ongoing regular cooperation to promote trade, economic development and environmental protection is the path to an even better tomorrow. We will not be deterred by protectionists because we know that when we work together, we can achieve our shared goal of creating good opportunities for workers and businesses on both sides of the border."

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