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François Legault and Doug Ford Strengthen a Win-Win Relationship between Québec and Ontario

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François Legault and Doug Ford Strengthen a Win-Win Relationship between Québec and Ontario

Office of the Premier

Toronto — Québec and Ontario are working together to support economic growth and job creation, and make life more affordable for families in both provinces.

The premiers of Québec and Ontario, François Legault and Doug Ford, held their first official meeting on Monday at Queen's Park. They agreed to establish a productive, win-win relationship that focuses on wealth creation in both provinces, and making life more affordable for families and small businesses in Québec and Ontario.

Both premiers reaffirmed their commitment to interprovincial trade and the need to have more flexibility on regulations governing alcohol sales between the two provinces. They agreed that Québec and Ontario will promote this at the upcoming meeting of federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for interprovincial trade on November 23, and at the meeting of provincial and territorial premiers to be held in Montréal on December 6 and 7.

The two premiers agreed that the federal government needs to provide compensation for all costs generated by illegal crossings by migrants. They also agreed to continue discussions related to energy and reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring access to affordable, reliable electricity for families and business.

They also announced that the ministers holding economic portfolios in their respective cabinets would meet twice annually to discuss increased trade between Québec and Ontario and the diversification of the two provinces' economies.

"We want to make sure that Ontario, Québec and, indeed, all of Canada are open for business," said Ford. "I look forward to working with Premier Legault on interprovincial trade, on compensation from the federal government, and on other issues important to our two provinces."

"I'm glad to see that Premier Ford is willing to work with us on many economic issues, like energy, interprovincial trade and wealth creation," said Legault. "This meeting is the beginning of an even stronger relationship between Québec and Ontario."

The Premier of Québec also thanked the Premier of Ontario for his welcome and extended an invitation for him to visit Québec in the near future.

The premiers will continue working together on issues that matter to the people of Ontario and Québec.

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