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Remembering Ontario Police Officers Who Lost Their Lives


Remembering Ontario Police Officers Who Lost Their Lives

Office of the Premier

TORONTO — Today, Premier Doug Ford delivered the following statement to police officers and their families at the 20th annual Ontario Police Memorial Ceremony of Remembrance:

"Today, we pay tribute to 266 heroic police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. I have the greatest respect for Ontario's finest. And I am heartbroken for the lives lost while protecting our communities and working to keep Ontario safe. My deepest personal condolences to all of you — the families, friends and colleagues of the fallen.

"We owe a debt to these officers that we can never repay. But we vow to do everything we can to support their colleagues and friends who continue on, every day. Your continued service is truly a tribute to the fallen.

"Our government will always stand with the brave and selfless men and women who put their lives at risk every day for the safety and protection of the people of Ontario. To those that we have tragically lost, please know we will never forget your service and your sacrifice."

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