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Premier Doug Ford Delivers Ramadan Greetings


Premier Doug Ford Delivers Ramadan Greetings

Office of the Premier

Today, Premier Doug Ford issued the following statement to mark Ramadan:

"Beginning today at sundown, Muslims in Ontario and all over the world will observe the month of Ramadan.

For the Muslim community, Ramadan is the most important and holiest month of the year. It is a time for self-reflection, charitable giving, and prayer.

This year, Ramadan will be unlike any other, as we continue to practise social distancing to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. This will mean Muslims will have to pray at home rather than in services at mosques, but the spirit and meaning of Ramadan will continue to inspire those observing this sacred time.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Muslim community for their generosity and support towards those in need during this unprecedented time.

On behalf of the people of Ontario, I wish the Muslim community a happy Ramadan and I look forward to celebrating with you next year."

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