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Taking Action Against Sexual Violence

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Taking Action Against Sexual Violence

McGuinty Government Releases Ontario's Sexual Violence Action Plan

Ministry of the Status of Women

Ontario is taking important next steps to make the province safer for all women.

The province is launching its Sexual Violence Action Plan to both prevent sexual violence and improve supports for survivors. The plan includes programs designed to:

  • prevent sexual violence through increased public education, including initiatives that reflect the diversity of communities across the province.
  • expand and improve access to a wide range of services for survivors of sexual violence, including supports on the front lines and in healthcare settings.
  • strengthen the criminal justice system's response toward sexual violence, including increasing coordination and training for police, crown counsel and other justice personnel.

The Sexual Violence Action Plan follows province-wide consultations with survivors, service providers, and experts. It builds on the progress made under Ontario's Domestic Violence Action Plan, launched in 2004.

Quick Facts

  • More than one-third of women 16 years and older have experienced some form of sexual assault.
  • The victim and the accused are known to each other in 82 per cent of cases of sexual assault.
  • The Sexual Violence Action Plan includes $15 million in funding toward educational, prevention, training and awareness programs and supports.

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“We all share the responsibility to end sexual violence. Ontario's Sexual Violence Action Plan is our government's commitment to help women be safe in their homes, communities and workplaces.”

Laurel Broten

Minister Responsible for Women's Issues

“This Plan reflects the important advice of all those determined to put an end to sexual violence against women.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General

“We are pleased that survivors' voices were included in the consultation process into the development of Ontario's Sexual Violence Action Plan. Their perspective is key to understanding the issue of sexual violence in an effort to make the lives of women safer in the future.”

Jacqueline Benn-John

President of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres

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