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Statement by Minister Broten on Woman Abuse Prevention Month

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Statement by Minister Broten on Woman Abuse Prevention Month

Today, Laurel Broten, Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues, released the following statement in recognition of Woman Abuse Prevention Month:

Ministry of the Status of Women

"It is every woman's fundamental right to live free from violence. Yet, violence against women and girls remains a serious issue that cuts across socio-economic and ethnic groups in every region and every country. This violence can rob a woman of her health, her dignity and the confidence to realize her full potential.

That's why every November, we recognize Woman Abuse Prevention Month.

As Ontarians, we have the opportunity to stand up against the abuse of women, to promote the equal treatment of women, advance gender equality and build healthy relationships. We can learn the signs of abuse and enable women to seek the help they need to be safe from violence. When we see the signs of abusive and controlling behaviour in a man, we can tell him his behaviour needs to stop and direct him to services in his community.

I am proud that our province has a strong network of women's shelters, and crisis and treatment centres. We've made real progress since releasing our Domestic Violence Action Plan in 2004. We've increased awareness of domestic violence, strengthened our support for victims, and trained more than 28,000 front-line professionals and service providers who work with abused women. These are a few of the strides we've made together.

We know that there is always more work to be done. Together, we can build hope, change and a brighter future for women in Ontario.

Together we can end the abuse of women."

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