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Creative Engagement Fund Projects

Ministry of the Status of Women

Ontario is supporting nine new creative partnerships with arts organizations, artists and sexual violence prevention advocates across the province for projects that inspire dialogue on consent, rape culture and gender equality in order to help prevent sexual violence and harassment. The projects receiving funding this year include:

  • Toronto-based "Speak On It" will develop an educational spoken word project directed toward street-involved young women and transgender youth. Participants will work with poets and advocates against sexual violence to create productions that inspire dialogue to combat rape culture and promote consent.
  • "Art 4 Change", a Hamilton-based project, will develop a multidisciplinary program that encourages dialogue around sexual violence and harassment. Through exhibitions, performances, installation and lectures, this project will address rape culture and bystander intervention in the community.
  • "Zoongda: Strong Heart" based in Peterborough, is a multidisciplinary community project devoted to the impact of missing and murdered Indigenous women, the resilience of sexual violence survivors, and the relationship between land, water, body and violence.
  • "Poetry in Action: Youth Against Sexual Violence," is a London-based project that will be shared on social media, and will engage students in spoken word to address sexual violence in schools.
  • "Weave and Mend," a Toronto-based project, will engage young homeless Indigenous women and women of colour to build public art installations. The installations, which comprise sculptural furniture, weaving wood, images and plants, will become safe public spaces for dialogue on gender-based violence.
  • The "Droits d'abord" project out of Toronto will feature three short films for students aged 12 to 15. The project will encourage social change and sexual violence prevention in Franco-Ontarian communities.
  • "My Life, My Community, My Ontario," an integrated art project based in Woodbridge, will engage Indigenous female students, artists and sexual assault experts to learn about sexual violence. Through movement, mask creation and soap stone carvings, participants will create short films about their creations.
  • "Dispelling Darkness" based in Mississauga will pair artists and survivors in South Asian communities. Participants will engage in meaningful dance and dialogue about how to eliminate sexual violence and harassment in homes, workplaces and their community.
  • "Consent to Enter" is a Toronto-based interactive installation project that explores the meaning of consent. It will invite a public audience to enter a phone-camera-confession installation booth and respond to realities, myths and tensions surrounding consent.

The Ontario Arts Council was selected to administer the fund and select grant recipients based on its unique expertise as a provincial arts funder. The government is already supporting 11 projects through this $2.25 million fund. For more information on selection of Creative Engagement Fund Projects please contact the Ontario Arts Council.

For more information on what Ontario is doing to end sexual violence and harassment please visit: Ontario.ca/itsneverokay.

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