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What People Are Saying About the Games Volunteer Legacy Programs

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What People Are Saying About the Games Volunteer Legacy Programs

Pan Am and Parapan Am Games

"Findhelp is thrilled to be part of Ontario's Pan American/Parapan American Games Volunteer Legacy.  SPARK Ontario will strengthen communities and enrich the wellbeing of Ontarians by enabling them to make a difference in the lives of others and enjoy the benefits of volunteering. We are proud to have developed this exciting new platform to enable Ontarians to share their volunteering stories and connect with the opportunities that will shape our communities and Ontario's future."

-         Maks Piskunov, President of the Volunteer Board, Findhelp Information Services

"Volunteers are at the heart of how we build strong communities and are integral to the work of non-profit sector. Everyday our agencies hear from people, particularly youth, who are looking for ways to get involved and to give back in their communities.  SPARK Ontario will provide a compelling, online experience to help match people with opportunities to make a difference."

-          Susan McIsaac, President and CEO, United Way Toronto

"YWCA Toronto is honoured to be hosting the province's unveiling of SPARK Ontario and the PREB-Ontario Volunteer Certificate program.  YWCA Toronto was founded 141 years ago by volunteers and, to this day, volunteers are integral to our efforts to transform the lives of disadvantaged women and girls. This year, over 500 volunteers will donate more than 20,000 hours of their time and expertise.

-          Heather M. McGregor - CEO, YWCA Toronto

"The PREB certificate gives us the ability to recognize the skills and competencies volunteers demonstrate in their role.  Student volunteers that I have spoken to are excited about using the certificate when applying to college/university programs or to demonstrate to a potential employer the competencies they developed or strengthened while volunteering".

-         Adriane Beaudry, Manager, Volunteer Engagement & Programming, Volunteer MBC

"Spark! What an opportunity for Ontario. The power of Ontario volunteers through OVCN linked up to the power of web-based connectivity and information of FindHelp. Innovating for public benefit!"

-         Marilyn Struthers, Ryerson University's John C. Eaton Chair in Social Innovation

"The TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games are unique in the way we are engaging volunteers and leveraging their leadership, skills and commitment. The people of our region have really stepped forward to offer their very best in welcoming the people of the Americas and in staging a truly great Games."

-          Saäd Rafi, chief executive officer of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games Organizing Committee (TO2015)

"Our network of 211 Regional Service Partners and 211 Data Providers in Ontario connect people every day to programs and services in the community, including people looking for information on volunteering. We are pleased to be part of this initiative that will make it easier for volunteers to connect to agencies that need their help and expertise".

-          Andrew Benson, Executive Director for Ontario 211 Services

"Collège Boréal is proud to be associated with this innovative project that will provide access to unique networking and volunteer opportunities that will enrich the experience for students and for graduates who are seeking employment."

-          Sylvie Beauvais, Associate Vice President, Collège Boréal

"As a charitable organization, we rely heavily on volunteers (over 200 now), and being able to receive PREB training to allow us to issue certificates and recognize our volunteers will augment the value of the work they do for us".

-          Deborah Thomson, Executive Director at Vita Centre, Mississauga

"The PREB certificate is an easy to use certification process for volunteer engagement professionals to acknowledge and recognize various transferable skills, competencies, and the impact that volunteers contribute to an organization within their role. The certificate also provides a meaningful way to validate volunteer's experience in an organization, and is a marketable piece that is useful in the search for employment and other opportunities to make a difference in their community."

-          Ebony Wright, Coordinator, Community Engagement, Volunteer MBC

"The Volunteer Legacy Projects of the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games through the support of the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration, and International Trade demonstrates the value placed in the contribution of our many volunteers throughout the province. At the Volunteer Action Centre in Kitchener Waterloo we are currently working on a project to support community organizations in developing and recognizing skills based volunteering.  We are so excited to start working with PREB-Ontario both as a recognition tool and as a resource for developing volunteer roles.  This tool and its supporting resources will benefit community organizations and volunteers across the province."

-          Jane Hennig, Executive Director, Volunteer Action Centre of Kitchener-Waterloo

"Volunteerism is one of the many ways newcomers can establish connections within their communities, develop social bonds, and strengthen the not for profit sector with their wealth of skills and experience."

-         Debbie Douglas, Ontario Coalition of Agencies Serving Immigrants

"As an emerging Community Volunteer Centre, we are so excited to have SparkOntario.ca as our flagship site for volunteerism in Ontario! We look forward to sharing our "Spark" across the Central East region."

-         Pamela Hillier, Executive Director, Community Connection - Collingwood



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