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An Open and Transparent Ontario

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An Open and Transparent Ontario

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Ontario's Open Government initiative is helping to create a more transparent, accessible and collaborative government for the people of Ontario.

Ontario is moving forward on a strategy and action plan to advance Open Government through three streams - Open Dialogue, Open Information and Open Data. This will give the public opportunities to weigh-in on government decision-making, strengthen transparency and accountability, and improve access to government data and services.


Engagement Team

Ontario appointed an Open Government Engagement Team that travelled across the province and consulted with Ontarians on how the government can become more open. The Engagement Team submitted its recommendations to government in March 2014. Ontario has already implemented some of the team's recommendations and is taking action on many more.


Open Dialogue

Ontario is increasing opportunities for the public to participate in government decision-making and have their voices heard. Ontarians can weigh in on the programs and policies that impact their daily lives and help improve these services through different engagement opportunities - online and in-person.

To date, Ontario has engaged with the public on initiatives such as Open Government, the Ontario Budget, Climate Change, the Condo Review Act, and beginning today, the draft Open Data Directive.


Open Data

Ontario is releasing new data sets online regularly in a machine-readable and downloadable format. Applications using these data sets can help solve problems in people's everyday lives. Providing access to data supports innovation, strengthens public policy and adds economic value.

To date, Ontario has released nearly 400 open data sets, posted an inventory of government data, launched a voting tool for the public to vote on data sets they'd like released, and released six of the top 25 most-voted on data sets.


Open Information

Ontario is working to improve transparency and accountability by proactively releasing government information that people want and need. Information that is published online can allow the public to see the priorities of their government and to better understand the government decision-making process.

To improve transparency and accountability, Ontario posted Ministers' and Parliamentary Assistants' Mandate Letters online for the first time, and posted provincial agency governance documents and expense information online.

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