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Hamilton Recipients of Local Poverty Reduction Fund Grants

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Hamilton Recipients of Local Poverty Reduction Fund Grants

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Ontario's Local Poverty Reduction Fund provides funding to support and evaluate community-driven poverty reduction initiatives and to build a body of evidence for effective poverty reduction programs.

Ontario is supporting the following three initiatives in Hamilton that prevent or reduce poverty for individuals and families. Evidence gathered from these programs will inform future decisions about policy design and program delivery for both the province and local communities.

City of Hamilton

City of Hamilton will create and measure the impact of a Learning Annex where young people can get access to education and employment training. The Learning Annex will connect youth to community services including basic needs, employment, education and skill building, and will help them identify immediate and long-term goals and secure employment. It will assess the effectiveness of technology, athletics and recreation in engaging youth, improving outcomes for students and empowering them towards greater resilience and self-sufficiency.

"We thank the Government of Ontario for its support in funding the development of a Learning Annex in Hamilton to help ensure that the youth in our community can benefit from education, skill building and employment opportunities. The City of Hamilton is committed to building strong neighbourhoods and by working with our community partners we can create great places to live, work, play and learn for everyone."  

-- Mayor Fred Eisenberger, City of Hamilton

McMaster Family Practice

The McMaster Family Practice will test a legal tool, the e-Legal Health Check Up Program, that helps physicians work with patients to identify what legal supports they may require to avoid slipping into poverty. The Local Poverty Reduction Fund will help the organization provide patients with electronic access to the tool and match more individuals with community legal services.

"Our McMaster Family Health Team (MFHT) looks after all aspects of patient's lives, including both medical and social issues. As clinicians, we see firsthand how important legal health is to our community. By awarding this grant, the Government of Ontario has shown it recognizes that importance too. The collaborative nature of the Legal Health Check-Up project will strengthen our ties with the community and help MFHT to do what it does best - show we care. Dr. Gina Agarwal and Dan Edwards are integral to the success of this partnership. Congratulations!"

-- Dr. David Price, Chair, Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University and McMaster Family Health Team Lead

Mission Services of Hamilton

The Mission Services of Hamilton will implement and evaluate a program to provide single-mothers with housing support.The program will develop and use a new measure, called the Housing Stability Risk Index, to identify single mothers who are at risk of losing their housing. It will help match the mothers with trained volunteer case workers to create plans targeting individual risk areas and needs. By providing a toolkit to support better access to housing for single mothers, the Mission Services of Hamilton aims to improve their children's academic performance and reduce intergenerational poverty.

"We are so delighted to be receiving this funding and excited about our innovative project to develop an 'early warning' method identifying single mothers who are at risk of losing their housing. The Local Poverty Reduction Fund has provided an essential contribution to the work of our agency and many others battling the effects of deep poverty in the province.  Mission Services of Hamilton is now able to develop and test an innovative new approach to working with women and children to identify and measure the risk of housing loss and the creation of a volunteer based support response.  The funding will also support the sharing and disseminating of this important new resource (the HSRI - Housing Stability Risk Indicator) with other social agencies and government bodies."

-- Paddy Bowen, Executive Director/CEO, Mission Services of Hamilton

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