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A More Open and Collaborative Ontario

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A More Open and Collaborative Ontario

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Ontario's Open Government strategy and action plan is focused on advancing openness and transparency through three key streams - Open Dialogue, Open Information and Open Data.  

Through Open Dialogue, Ontario is providing the public more opportunities to weigh-in on government decision-making, to help improve government programs, policies and services, and to engage more voices and gather public input as policies are being developed.

Public Engagement Framework

Ontario's Public Engagement Framework is a new made-in-Ontario policy tool for the government to engage a broader, more diverse range of Ontarians in a meaningful way on key issues. The development process started with a draft framework based on international standards and best practices and modified it to meet the needs of Ontario.

To design a framework that meets the needs of Ontario, the province:

  • Started with a draft framework based on international standards and best practices
  • Used feedback received from the public during the Open Government Engagement Team's consultations
  • Adopted the Open Government Engagement Team's recommendation to develop a framework to "assist ministries in designing effective engagement processes and popularizing more deliberative and collaborative approaches to public engagement"
  • Consulted with leading public engagement experts
  • Conducted public engagement case studies such as the Strategy for a Safer Ontario and Accessibility Certification

The framework is designed to help Ontario engage with people when and how it makes sense on individual issues. Recognizing that each situation is unique, the framework provides a variety of engagement approaches that can be tailored to create meaningful public engagement.

Ontario's new Public Engagement Framework lays out the key approaches to public engagement for the government to use:

  • Share - inform the public about a public service initiative by sharing information.
  • Consult - gather public views on an issue, policy or decision.
  • Deliberate - work with the public to frame an issue and/or arrive at solutions.
  • Collaborate - work with the public to frame an issue, arrive at and then deliver solutions.

To learn more about the Public Engagement Framework and see examples of the framework in action, visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/public-engagement

Public Consultations Directory

Ontario has also launched a new online Public Consultations Directory to help more Ontarians learn about and participate in government consultations. It provides one-window access to information for public consultations taking place across Ontario, including topic, location, dates and options to participate.

By increasing opportunities for the public to contribute to government decision-making, the province can achieve better policy, programs and services - and ultimately, better outcomes for Ontarians.

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