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Ontario Continuing to Modernize the Ontario Public Service

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Ontario Continuing to Modernize the Ontario Public Service

Treasury Board Secretariat

Ontario is continuing its work to modernize the Ontario Public Service (OPS) by implementing a new long-term compensation strategy for non-bargaining employees.

The new strategy will ensure the province attracts and retains highly skilled talent while meeting its commitment to balance the budget next year. OPS staff play an important role in delivering key services that the people of Ontario rely on, and in helping to implement the government's plan to help people in their everyday lives.

Salary ranges for non-bargaining staff, managers and executives in the public service have been frozen since 2009. The new changes will ensure non-bargaining employees are compensated fairly, improving recruitment and retention of talented public service employees.

The strategy is fiscally responsible and will be implemented over a four-year period. The changes will:

  • Ensure that non-bargaining staff doing similar work to their bargaining counterparts are also compensated similarly
  • Minimize situations where staff make more than their managers
  • Base OPS executive salaries on the current median of public sector comparators in similar jurisdictions.

Quick Facts

  • There are approximately 8,500 non-bargaining employees in the OPS (13 per cent of the organization), which includes executives, managers and non-bargaining staff who are excluded from being in a bargaining unit for HR/Labour Relations and confidentiality reasons.
  • OPS executives, managers and non-bargaining staff are responsible for delivering services such as supporting our health care and educational systems, building critical public infrastructure and strengthening our economy to support the jobs of tomorrow.
  • These non-bargaining employees have experienced a prolonged period of compensation restraint since 2009, including a hard freeze on earnings between 2011 and 2015.
  • Almost a quarter of OPS managers are making the same as or less than the staff that report to them.

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