Ontario Global Traders Awards celebrate exporters' achievements in Eastern Ontario

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Ontario Global Traders Awards celebrate exporters' achievements in Eastern Ontario

BROCKVILLE, ON, April 4 /CNW/ - The Ontario government today recognized leading small- and medium-sized exporters in Eastern Ontario for outstanding achievements and contributions to the province's prosperity with the 2001 Ontario Global Traders Awards, presented by Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Trade Bob Runciman.
The awards program was launched by the Ontario government in 1998 to recognize the success of the province's small- and medium-sized exporters and to encourage more companies to expand into global markets.
"Our government has worked hard to build the ideal business climate for growth and job creation, and to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship," Runciman said. "These exporters have succeeded with great results, reinforcing the confidence I have in their abilities and our provincial economy."
Recipients were recognized with Regional Awards, Awards of Merit and Honourable Mentions at the fourth annual Ontario Global Traders Awards Eastern regional ceremony in Brockville. Winners of the top Awards included:

Leadership Award:
- William J. Collins, President (retired), Ottawa Centre for Research
and Innovation (Ottawa)
Innovation Award:
- Senstar-Stellar Corporation (Carp)
Market Expansion Award - Product:
- Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. (Belleville)
Market Expansion Award - Service:
- International Datacasting Corporation (Ottawa)
Partnership Award (Award of Merit):
- Measurements International Ltd. (Prescott) and
- Isothermal Technology (Merseyside, England)
Student Achievement Award:
- Ryan Kalt, NuMedia Internet (Kingston)

"We are very pleased to join these awards and to celebrate the achievements of Ontario's exporting leaders," said Duarte Miranda, Vice- President, Trade, RBC Global Services. "Helping small- and medium-sized exporters reach out and succeed in export markets is part of our history at the bank and we're proud to be part of their success in global markets," he said.
Judges reviewed 230 nominations from across Ontario to select winners for the four regional Ontario Global Traders Awards ceremonies this year. Collectively, the nominated companies reported total sales rising 32 per cent over the past three years, from $840 million in 1998-1999 to $1.1 billion in 2000-2001.
The nominees' export sales climbed even more dramatically, rising 46 per cent, from $473 million to $690 million over the last three years. They also reported that exports helped increase jobs by 30 per cent over that period, with total employment going from 4,754 to 6,164 jobs.
Exports generate the equivalent of more than 50 per cent of Ontario's Gross Domestic Product and sustain 1.6 million jobs in Ontario.
The Regional Global Traders Awards ceremony will be held for Northern Ontario in North Bay April 11. Previous ceremonies were held in Guelph, March 21, for Southwestern Ontario and in Niagara Falls, March 28, for Central Ontario.
Regional award recipients compete for the top provincial award in each category, to be presented at the Ontario Global Traders Awards provincial ceremony May 15, 2002 in Toronto.
The Ontario Global Traders Awards are presented by Ontario Exports Inc., the Government of Ontario's lead trade agency and RBC Global Services. Other sponsors include Export Development Canada; Deloitte & Touche LLP; The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario; Canadian Commercial Corporation; United Parcel Service (UPS) Canada Ltd; PROFIT; Canadian Business and Le Lien Economique.

Note to news and business editors: A complete list of award recipients is attached.

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The Ontario Global Traders Awards celebrate and champion export success in Ontario. Co-ordinated by Ontario Exports Inc. - the Government of Ontario's lead trade agency - they are Ontario's first awards recognizing export achievement for small- and medium-sized enterprises. This is the fourth year of the awards, in which winners of top regional awards become eligible to win a Provincial award. Awards are given in six categories: Leadership; Innovation; Market Expansion (Product and Service); Partnership; and Student Achievement, which includes a cash bursary for the first time this year.

Who is Eligible?
- Ontario-based, small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in business a
minimum of three fiscal years, based in Ontario, with annual sales of
up to $50 million and a maximum of 200 employees. Eligible enterprises
must export to one or more countries and have export sales that are at
least 15 per cent of total sales.
- Leaders who champion the cause of exporting by Ontario SMEs.
- SMEs and their partners whose alliance has contributed in a
significant way to the export success of an Ontario-based SME.
- Students whose achievements have contributed to the export success of
Ontario's business community. Open to Ontario residents under the age
of 30, who were enrolled in part- or full-time studies in
international business or related fields for at least one semester in
2001, in an Ontario college/university.

About Nominations
Companies or individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by a trade association, customer or anyone else who knows their situation well. Nominations are evaluated by regional judging panels for the regional awards, representing leaders from business, education and economic development groups. A provincial panel selects provincial award recipients from the short-list of regional award winners. The deadline for nominations for the 2001 awards was November 2, 2001, and nominations are closed. An early edition of the 2002 Nomination Guide and Forms will be available online as of March 21, 2002, from the OGTA website at www.ontario-canada.com/export.

2001 Awards Schedule - Regional and Provincial Ceremonies
March 21, 2002 - Guelph (Southwest Region Ceremony)
March 28, 2002 - Niagara Falls (Central Region Ceremony)
April 4, 2002 - Brockville (Eastern Region Ceremony)
April 11, 2002 - North Bay (Northern Region Ceremony)
May 15, 2002 - Toronto (Provincial Awards Ceremony)

The Ontario Global Traders Awards are presented by Ontario Exports Inc. and RBC Global Services. Award sponsors also include Export Development Canada; Deloitte & Touche LLP; The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario; Canadian Commercial Corporation; and United Parcel Service (UPS) Canada Ltd. Media sponsors include PROFIT; Canadian Business and Le Lien Economique. The awards also have the support of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, the Young Entrepreneurs Association, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT).

For More Information
Call Ontario Exports Inc. toll-free at 1-877-46TRADE (8-7233). Within the GTA, call (416) 314-8200 or visit www.ontario-canada.com/export to learn more about the program and the award ceremonies.



Regional Award

William (Bill) J. Collins
President, Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation
Ottawa, Ontario

The Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI) is now an international model for building global connections through regional collaboration and economic development, thanks to William J. Collins. Mr. Collins has helped to pave the road for Ottawa's high-tech economic success. As President and CEO of the not-for-profit organization since 1996, Mr. Collins worked tirelessly with business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and all levels of government in Canada and around the world to build partnerships and facilitate innovative approaches. Mr. Collins is always eager to share. He shares his ability to see the big picture and identify opportunities that others might miss. He shares his knowledge and experience as a mentor. And he shares his belief in education through programs such as TalentWorks which links employers with Ottawa's educational institutions, as well as OCRI's breakfast program for over 4,300 disadvantaged school children.
Contact: Blair Patacairk
Address: 1720-350 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2L7
Phone: 613-236-3500 ext. 245

Award of Merit

Denzil J. Doyle
Chairman, Doyletech Corporation
Nepean, Ontario

Literally dozens of companies have benefited from the advice of Denzil Doyle. His dedication to mentoring comes from having the courage to follow his convictions, inspiring and motivating businesses and students in virtually every Eastern Ontario community to become leaders in their field. The founding president of Digital Equipment's Canadian subsidiary, Mr. Doyle's contribution to a stronger high-tech industry in Ontario includes Doyletech Corporation and Capital Alliance Ventures, both established to assist Canadian technology enterprises. His personal contributions has ranged from providing seed money for start-ups to advising government on technology-related strategies. Underlying Mr. Doyle's vision for the high-tech industry is his belief that technology enterprises need to export to be successful.
Contact: Glenn McDougall, Partner
Address: 28 Thorncliff Place, Suite 201, Nepean, ON, K2H 6L2
Phone: 613-226-8900

Innovation Award

Regional Award

Senstar-Stellar Corporation
Carp, Ontario

From military bases to nuclear facilities to correctional institutions, terrorists, thieves, saboteurs, kidnappers or vandals don't get close to their objective if Senstar-Stellar's products are on the job. World leaders in the supply of outdoor intruder detection systems, Senstar-Stellar Corporation has a product line that is unmatched by any competitor. Technological innovation has been key to its success. To maintain its leadership position, Senstar- Stellar constantly pushes the limits to provide new and better solutions. Located in Carp, near Ottawa, Senstar-Stellar increased its R&D spending by 50 per cent in the last three years and is developing new strategic partnerships with global companies to increase its competitive edge in foreign markets.
President: Brian Rich
Contact: Michael Rack, V-P Marketing and Business Development
Address: 119 John Cavanaugh Drive, Carp, ON, KOA 1L0
Phone: 613-839-5527

Award of Merit

PENSA Technology Solutions Inc.
Brockville, Ontario

In every country, pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies must prove that they meet local government regulations before they can sell their products. PENSA Technology Solutions has revolutionized this expensive, labour-oriented process by developing computer software that automates many of the steps and reduces the cost of this process by up to 50 per cent. Located in Brockville, PENSA has a virtual monopoly in supplying this proven, cost-effective solution to the life sciences industry. PENSA now reinvests 20 per cent of its revenue into R&D to keep up with the ever- changing regulatory environment and to develop more advanced software solutions.
Contact: Graham Tinsley, Director, Business Relations
Address: 51 King Street West, Suite 202, Brockville, ON,
K6V 3P8
Phone: 613-345-7925 ext. 102

Honourable Mention

ODIM Spectrum Ltd.
Peterborough, Ontario

ODIM Spectrum's unique cable handling equipment has become the product of choice for marine exploration and navies around the world. Able to handle extremely fragile and expensive seismic and optic cables, ODIM's equipment reduces drag, increases cable life and decreases fuel consumption. Based in Peterborough, ODIM is led by a team of engineers with a vision for innovation and growth in unique markets. Under their leadership, ODIM also designs and manufactures custom equipment for use in unique applications such as sonar towing and handling systems for navies and air forces in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Japan and Australia.
President: Andrew Roy
Contact: Ron Yonemitsu, Marketing Manager
Address: 597 The Queensway, Peterborough, ON, K9J 7J6
Phone: 705-743-9249

Honourable Mention

Phil-Insul Corporation
Kingston, Ontario

Safety, efficiency and environmental sensitivity are just some of the remarkable attributes of Phil-Insul Corporation's innovative IntegraSpec construction materials. Phil-Insul's interlocking and reversible "lego" designs for insulated concrete forms provide greater strength and security in earthquake and hurricane zones, while the efficiency of these designs and the use of recycled polystyrene makes its innovations both cost-efficient and environmentally responsible. Located in Kingston, Phil-Insul credits substantial investments in research and development for the innovations that gave them a competitive advantage and immediate market recognition. The company continues to invest in the development of new innovative product lines.
President: Gerry Ethier
Contact: Jim Buttrey, Vice President
Address: 774 Baker Crescent, Unit 3, Kingston, ON, K7M 6P6
Phone: 613-634-1319

Market Expansion Award - Product

Regional Award

Bioniche Life Sciences
Belleville, Ontario

Research and development at Bioniche Life Sciences has yielded proprietary biopharmaceutical technologies for human and animal health markets worldwide. Based in Belleville, Bioniche is a fully-integrated company that also handles the production and commercialization of over 80 products based on its proprietary technologies. With a distribution network throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Bioniche grew by more than 30 per cent in each of the last two years. With the expected introduction of new products, the expansion of existing markets and the recent acquisition of Horizon Technologies in Australia, which has a complementary animal health product line, Bioniche expects continued export growth.
CEO: Graeme McCrea
Contact: Natalie Godbout
Address: 231 Dundas Street East, Belleville, ON, K8N 1E2
Phone: 613-966-8058

Award of Merit

TIL-TEK Antennas
Kemptville, Ontario

Based in Kemptville, TIL-TEK has become a leader in providing global customers with affordable, high quality antenna products and services that exceed their expectations. TIL-TEK expanded its export market by identifying high growth opportunities in countries with favourable trading environments. From the Far East to Europe, Africa and South America, TIL-TEK uses a combination of strategic alliances, extended warranties, excellent customer service, flexible terms of payment and a very thorough knowledge of export procedures to enhance the attractiveness of its products.
General Manager: Stephen Tilson
Contact: Charmaine Lewis, Finance and Administration Manager
Address: 500 Van Buren Street, Kempville, ON, K0G 1J0
Phone: 613-258-5928

Honourable Mention

Maple Leaf Environmental Equipment Ltd.
Brockville, Ontario

Brockville's Maple Leaf Environmental Equipment (MLE) designs, manufactures, installs and provides support for environmental cleanup and pollution control technology. Three years ago, MLE took strategic steps to expand into the U.S. market with the development of a customer base and an alliance with QED Environmental Systems in the United States. But it was the quality of its products that ultimately led to MLE's successful penetration of the U.S. market. MLE is now looking to penetrate markets in South America and Europe as well as expand into new environmental product applications.
President/Contact: Bruce Lounsbury
Address: 3524 Coons Road, Brockville, ON, K6T 1A6
Phone: 613-498-1876 ext. 30

Market Expansion Award -- Service

Regional Award

International Datacasting Corporation
Ottawa, Ontario

International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) married the powerful technologies of the Internet and satellite broadcasting to become a world leader in the market for multimedia data distribution. From Internet infrastructure and enterprise networks to long distance learning and content distribution, Ottawa-based IDC has evolved to meet growing international demand. IDC makes a point of keeping pace and staying ahead of the market's demands, ensuring that it is always at the right place at the right time with the right price. Winner of an Honourable Mention Ontario Global Traders Award for Innovation in the year 2000, IDC has made huge inroads in Latin America in recent years and is poised to expand into Eastern Europe.
President and CEO: Ron W. Clifton
Contact: Diana Cantu, Director of Marketing Communications
Address: 2680 Queensview Drive, Ottawa, ON, K2B 8H6
Phone: 613-596-4120

Award of Merit

Nuvo Network Management Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario

The rapid growth and complexity of e-business network infrastructures created a huge demand for skilled and efficient management of these networks. Nuvo Network Management's expertise as a subscription-based management service provider won the endorsement of major players in the computer industry such as IBM and Cisco. In 2000, IBM selected Ottawa-based Nuvo for the management service they would independently market and deliver to their European customers. Now IBM resells Nuvo's services in the U.S., Mexico and other Latin American markets. With the development of webCentre, Nuvo became the first in its industry to offer customers a real time view of the management of their network infrastructure.
President and CEO: Kevin Vachon
Contact: Geoffrey Oakes, Vice-President Sales,
Canada International
Address: 2650 Queensview Drive, Ottawa, ON, K2B 8H6
Phone: 613-726-5082

Honourable Mention

NuMedia Internet Inc.
Kingston, Ontario

If knowledge is power, in the world of business-to-business e-commerce, Kingston-based NuMedia Internet is a source of power for small to medium businesses worldwide. NuMedia develops interactive information-oriented websites that provide these clients with a range of accurate, current information on IT vendor selection, products and implementation issues - information that was previously accessible only by large enterprises at considerable expense. In three years, NuMedia has experienced a 1400 per cent increase in sales, more than 90 per cent of which were exports.
Contact: Ryan Kalt, CEO
Address: 366 King Street East, Suite 400, Ottawa, ON, K7K 6Y3
Phone: 613-548-3338 ext. 325


Award of Merit

Measurements International Ltd
Prescott, Ontario


Isothermal Technology
Merseyside, England

In the extremely specialized field of high-precision electrical and temperature metrology, Measurements International designs and manufactures some of the best products in the world. England's Isothermal Technology Ltd., also known as ISOTECH, is the leading manufacturer of temperature products. For more than six years, Measurements International and ISOTECH have enjoyed the benefits of being partners. For ISOTECH, Measurements International designs and builds temperature calibration instruments that enhance ISOTECH's appeal to a broader market. In turn, the partnership with ISOTECH has given Measurements International access for its metrology instruments to the much larger market for temperature products.
Measurements International Ltd.
President: Duane Brown
Contact: Shirley Kirkwood, Administration
Address: P.O. Box 2359, Pirelli Drive, Prescott, ON, K0E 1T0
Phone: 613-925-5934

Isothermal Technology
President & Contact: John Tavenor
Address: Pine Grove, South Port, Merseyside, England, PR9 9AG
Phone: 44-1704-543830

Student Award

Regional Award

Ryan Kalt
NuMedia Internet
Kingston, Ontario

At 22 years old, Ryan Kalt is the founder and CEO of NuMedia Internet, which reports export sales in excess of $3 million in the year 2000. He accomplished all this while obtaining an "A" average on his way to a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree at the Queen's University. In fact, he was able to apply his studies directly in building NuMedia into an international internet- based information service. Ryan Kalt also credits education for reinforcing his belief that exports are critical to the success of Canadian-based companies. This is a message that he has delivered to other students as a guest speaker at colleges and universities across Ontario. He intends to look for and develop other viable business opportunities in IT and business services sectors.
Contact: Ryan Kalt
Address: 400-366 King Street East, Kingston, ON, K7K 6Y3
Phone: 613-548-3338 ext. 325

Award of Merit

Jason Mangano
Ottawa, Ontario

Under the Mexico-European Union free trade agreement signed in March 2000, the European Union has better access to North American markets via Mexico. But the reverse may also be true: Canadian businesses may have better access to the European Union markets via Mexico. That's the focus of Jason Mangano's efforts. He is part of an eight-person team at the Mexican Embassy's NAFTA Office developing a report on the benefits of using Mexico as a gateway to the European Union. In his final year of a Bachelor of International Business Honours degree at The Eric Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, Jason Mangano aspires to be a specialist in international trade law working on liberalizing international trade.
Contact: Jason Mangano
Address: 30 Welkin Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2E 5M4
Phone: 613-276-3422 (day) or (613) 276-3030 (evening)

Honourable Mention

Lindsay Parker
Belleville, Ontario

While many of us think of television as a borderless industry, Lindsay Parker knows that every program produced in Ontario is a potential export product. A recent graduate of the Television Broadcasting Program at Loyalist College, she has become a specialist in sports media through her work as a producer at Prince Edward County 's WhistleStop Productions. In addition to acting as a liaison with U.S. promoters, Lindsay Parker is developing a client base in the United States and works on proposals for new shows with export potential. In addition to growing the export market for WhistleStop, she hopes to encourage the expansion of global markets for all Canadian independent producers.
Contact: Lindsay Parker
Address: 110 Huntingwood Drive, Belleville, ON, K8N 4Z5
Phone: 613-967-7174 (day) or (613) 967-0420 (evening)
For further information: Jamie Wallace, Minister's Office, (416) 325-8779, (416) 566-0136 (cell); André Quenneville, Ontario Exports Inc., (416) 325-4676, (416) 726-0403 (cell); Eric Shapiro, Communications & Public Affairs Branch, (416) 325-6698