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Ontario Community Environment Fund 2015 Grant Recipients

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Ontario Community Environment Fund 2015 Grant Recipients

Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority, Ganaraska Watershed - $12,646.95 to remove two culverts on Wesleyville Creek. This will improve the flow of the creek and improve habitat for fish, amphibians and other wildlife.

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, Niagara Watershed - $9,056.00 to restore and protect pollinator habitats and to educate visitors with signs about what can be done to improve pollinator health. Pollinators include birds, bees, butterflies or any other animal that causes plants to make fruit or seeds.

Pine River Watershed Initiative Network, Penetangore Watershed - $16,998.20 to restore a 2.8 hectares floodplain along the North Penetangore River by planting native tree species in the floodplain and to install a new fence that will keep livestock out of the river.

Tin Roof Global Action Inc. - to help improve drinking water for Ontario's First Nations by involving local students inwater-science workshops and tree planting in the following watersheds:  
  • Central Abitibi Watershed - $7,700
  • Montreal Watershed - $7,630
  • Goulais Watershed - $7,710
  • Little Pic Watershed - $7,790
  • Sydenham Watershed - $7,480

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