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Support for Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan


Support for Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan

"The David Suzuki Foundation actively supports transportation systems that reduce carbon emissions. The Ontario government's new climate plan includes many elements that we endorse, including support for electric vehicles, Regional Express Rail, and bicycle lanes. Furthermore, the commitment to net-zero emissions from new homes by 2030 which, if carried out, would mark a new level in Canadian climate leadership."  

- Peter Robinson, CEO, The David Suzuki Foundation

"OHBA has been a long-time supporter of a home energy rating system for existing homes as well as a consumer rebate for newly constructed homes that exceed the Ontario Building code. We are encouraged that both these recommendations are included in Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan." 

- Joe Vaccaro, CEO, Ontario Home Builders Association

"We welcome Ontario's actions aimed at increasing consumer demand of Plug-in electric vehicles by supporting consumers in the purchase and use of this emerging vehicle technology."  

- Mark Nantais, President, Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association

"Day after day we see the impacts of climate change on the news. Today, I'm happy with approaches that are laid out in the climate action plan which will help industries, like cement, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while remaining globally competitive. We look forward to continuing to work with the Ontario government on the next steps to ensure that Ontario achieves its greenhouse gas reduction targets."  

- Michael McSweeney, President and CEO, Cement Association of Canada

"Ontario has matched a price on carbon pollution with a comprehensive package of measures to invest the money in programs proven to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This approach will benefit Ontario residents and businesses, and has been shown to be the best way to address climate change and build a cleaner economy around the world."

- Tim Gray, Executive Director, Environmental Defence

"We are pleased to see that Ontario continues to provide responsible leadership in the area of climate change with the release of Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan. The Action Plan enables and encourages consumers and citizens to focus on the critical goal of reducing greenhouse gas pollution while supporting and developing Ontario businesses in the transition to a low carbon economy."

- John Coyne, Vice President, Legal and External Affairs, Unilever Canada

"Investing in the energy efficiency of Ontario's residential and industrial buildings is a direct investment in the mechanical insulation trade. Improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems and other building components will create hundreds of jobs in our skilled trade, presenting a huge opportunity for young people in Ontario." 

- Dave Gardner, Business Manager, Ontario Local 95 (International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers)

"Today's announcement makes it easier for Ontario trucking companies to transition to green electric and natural gas technology. By de-risking investment in these technologies, the Ontario government is allowing the trucking industry to explore leading-edge alternatives to reducing its carbon footprint and increasing economic competitiveness." 

- Stephen Laskowski, President, Ontario Trucking Association

"Plug'n Drive enthusiastically supports Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan and, more specifically, the critical measures being taken to electrify transportation. Our work reveals that electric cars and buses represent one of Ontario's best and most cost-effective opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the largest emitting sector - transportation. And since electricity is made here, electrification puts money into local infrastructure and local jobs, while at the same time saving the consumer money in the form of cheaper fuel and lower maintenance costs. We salute the province for its leadership in setting out this ambitious plan. We look forward to continuing to assist the Ontario in achieving its carbon emission reduction goals."

- Cara Clairman, President and CEO, Plug 'n Drive 

"When it comes to climate action, Ontario should be commended. They set a target and then made a plan to get there. If you want to build a low-carbon economy, the first step is putting a price on carbon. Today's Climate Change Action Plan is the necessary second step - with measures to increase the availability of clean energy technologies for both businesses and consumers, this plan will provide benefits of lower costs and lower carbon emissions for all Ontarians."   

- Sarah Petrevan, Senior Policy Advisor, Clean Energy Canada

"Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan is putting the focus for change where it belongs - with businesses and individuals. By empowering people and companies to implement changes in how they use and generate energy, the plan will allow more Ontarians to fuel switch to sustainable and zero-emission forms of energy like solar. Making these shifts will bring proven greenhouse gas reductions and green jobs to the province. The Canadian Solar Industries Association and our members are primed to help Ontarians make this exciting transformation."

- John Gorman, President and CEO, Canadian Solar Industry Association

"Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan deserves an "A" for ambition. The green bank has the potential to make Ontario a global centre of excellence for clean finance, and we look forward to playing our role to make this a reality." 

- Toby Heaps, Coordinator, Council for Clean Capitalism

"The Pembina Institute is excited to see the release of Ontario's ambitious climate action plan. By providing both the ambition, and the required support to businesses and consumers, this is a bold step towards achieving our climate goals."

- Eli Angen, Ontario Director, The Pembina Institute

"With 35 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions coming from Ontario's transportation sector, we strongly support the province's commitment to promote communities and transportation systems that support public transit, walking and cycling. These active modes of transportation will produce air quality and physical activity health benefits and health care savings, while reducing greenhouse gases and traffic congestion."

- Kim Perrotta, Executive Director, Canadian Physicians for the Environment 

"Today's Climate Change Action Plan is a step in the right direction to ensure that when future communities are built, like Green Earth Village, sustainability and their impact on the environment are given priority." 

- Doug Skeffington, Director of Land Development at Royalpark Homes

"Today's release of Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan is a great step towards giving near-zero emissions communities, like Green Earth Village, priority because of their sustainability and ability to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint." 

- Sebastian Mizzi, Vice President at Signature Communities

"Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan is a very positive step in the right direction. We at Panasonic Eco Solutions look forward to working with the province to develop sustainable communities that integrate solar photovoltaic generation, energy storage and electric vehicle charging. This action plan brings us closer to making these communities a reality." 

- Walter Buzzelli, Managing Director at Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada Inc.

"Minister Murray is demonstrating that fighting Climate Change means driving change in our industries. This Climate Change Action Plan will enable our Ontario cleantech and industry leaders to deliver immediate value to consumers today. Industries will adapt and flourish." 

- Frank Carnevale, President & CEO, Bridgepoint Group Ltd

"As a developer of sustainable communities, it is critical that our governments support our ability to deliver sustainable products for consumers. Premier Wynne and Minister Murray have not wavered from doing what's right to fight climate change."

- Louie Santaguida, President, Stanton Renaissance

"Ontario's renewable forest products sector is a leader in sustainable forest management. The storage of carbon in harvested wood products can generate significant and sustained climate change mitigation. That's why we support Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan. We look forward to the opportunities this strategy will provide for innovation in the forest products sector through the creation of advanced products and research for the design and engineering of tall wood-frame buildings."

- Jamie Lim, President and CEO, Ontario Forest Industries Association

"Premier Wynne and Minister Murray have shown the bold leadership we need on climate change - leadership that will create the jobs and economic opportunities associated with the rapidly emerging low-carbon future."

- Giovanni Angelucci, Vice President, Clean Canada Fuels

"Energy storage supports Ontario's climate change goals at all points in the province's energy system - from transmission to distribution to residential. It helps reduce carbon while optimizing all of Ontario's existing generation assets, which can lower costs for ratepayers. The Ontario government's Climate Change Action Plan delivers a clear signal that energy storage also has a key role to play by bringing cleantech innovation, economic development and jobs together to address climate change."

- Pat Phillips, Executive Director, Energy Storage Ontario

"An exciting opportunity for us is the recognition of the benefits that an actively managed forest provides in supporting Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan. Forests can be carbon sinks if sequestration is achieved through a combination of both forest regeneration post-harvest and the production of carbon storing forest products, like lumber for home building. We believe that Ontario has an advantage for solid wood products and building opportunities that has yet to be fully realized. We are committed to working with the Ontario government to ensure our working forests help us achieve our environmental and economic objectives."

- Kevin Edgson, President & CEO, EACOM Timber Corporation

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