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Ontario Committed to Fighting Climate Change, Saving Taxpayers Money

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Ontario Committed to Fighting Climate Change, Saving Taxpayers Money

Province Celebrates Ontario’s Environmental Leadership, Sets Sights on Future

Toronto - Today, Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, spoke at the Ontario Energy Association's annual industry conference to discuss the province's ongoing leadership on climate change and vision for a more balanced approach to address environmental challenges.

Ontario's Government for the People is aware of the global threat that climate change presents and shows ongoing leadership in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "Ontarians and their families made large sacrifices to support environmental initiatives to reduce emissions. The shuttering of coal-fired generating plants was the single biggest reduction, not just in Ontario but Canada," said Minister Phillips, "This is just one of the examples of the heavy lifting that Ontarians did, reducing their carbon footprint by 34 per cent since 1990."

That's why the Ford Government took immediate action to introduce the Cap and Trade Cancellation Act which, if passed, will lower the price of gasoline and save the average family $260 a year. The government will also use every tool at its disposal to oppose and challenge the federal government's ability to impose a carbon tax on the people of Ontario.

"We heard loud and clear that people are tired of being taxed to the hilt for an ineffective program that doesn't lead to meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions," said Minister Phillips. "We will tackle climate change in a balanced and responsible way, without taking money out of the pockets of Ontario taxpayers."

Later this fall, Ontario will be consulting on specific areas of focus that will help it tackle and be more resilient to climate change and release its plan on how it will address this serious challenge. This is a first step and major part of a comprehensive environmental plan to build a resilient Ontario, protect waters and air, clean up communities and conserve resources.

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