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Statement by Attorney General Doug Downey on Delivering Construction Industry Prompt Payment on Time


Statement by Attorney General Doug Downey on Delivering Construction Industry Prompt Payment on Time

Ministry of the Attorney General

Today, Doug Downey, Attorney General of Ontario, issued the following statement:

"Our government is pleased to announce the full implementation of Canada's first-ever prompt payment regime and a new, streamlined dispute resolution process that will cut red tape to support jobs and growth in Ontario's construction industry.

Ontario is open for business and open for jobs, and these industry-leading changes demonstrate our government's commitment to restoring our province as an economic powerhouse.

Effective today, subject to transition rules, these changes to the Construction Act will help prevent payment disputes from delaying work on construction projects, speed up the payment process and reduce time and money spent on litigation. This will ensure workers and businesses are paid on time and disputes are resolved quickly.

We would like to thank Ontario's construction sector for sharing their expertise and continued support as we work together to grow jobs and the economy in our province. Today marks a new and prosperous era for our construction industry and thousands of businesses, workers and their families." 


“ADR Chambers commends the Government of Ontario for fully implementing Canada’s first-ever prompt payment and adjudication regime. This industry-leading initiative puts in place a new process for settling payment disputes in a timely, cost efficient way – allowing workers and businesses to keep construction projects on schedule. ADR Chambers is honoured to have been selected as the Authorized Nominating Authority and we look forward to drawing on our experience to oversee the adjudication process for dispute resolution under Ontario’s new prompt payment and adjudication framework.”

Allan Stitt

President, ADR Chambers

“The Ontario General Contractors Association applauds today's implementation of a prompt payment and dispute resolution process in the province. The construction industry has been calling for a solution that addresses payment challenges for years, and the new prompt payment regime brought in by the Ontario government will ensure all parties are paid on a timely basis.”

Clive Thurston

President, Ontario General Contractors Association

“Prompt Payment Ontario and all of its members thank the government for holding fast to making prompt payment and adjudication a reality. We have worked for over a decade to bring attention and action to the issue of delayed payments and their impact on Ontario’s small businesses and the families they support. The government’s changes to the Construction Act and implementation of the prompt payment and adjudication framework will result in a more efficient and productive industry. A stronger construction industry means a stronger Ontario economy that is open for business.”

Sandra Skivsky

Spokesperson, Prompt Payment Ontario

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