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Honouring Excellence in Legal Writing


Honouring Excellence in Legal Writing

Ontario Congratulates 2019 Mundell Medal Recipients

Ministry of the Attorney General

Ontario has awarded the 2019 David Walter Mundell Medal for excellence in legal writing to Gillian Hadfield and David Tanovich.

Gillian Hadfield is the Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society at the University of Toronto, where she is a professor of law and strategic management. She has a doctorate in economics from Stanford University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Stanford Law School. Professor Hadfield is internationally recognized as a leading scholar in law and economics. Her 2016 book, Rules for a Flat World: Why Humans Invented Law and How to Reinvent It for a Complex Global Economy, examines how law, economics, business and technology can work together for positive change.

David Tanovich is a law professor at the University of Windsor. He holds a Master of Laws from New York University Law School and has worked as an appellate lawyer in over 90 criminal and constitutional law cases before the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Professor Tanovich was inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2017. He has written extensively on criminal law, legal ethics and systemic bias in the criminal justice system. His critically acclaimed book The Colour of Justice: Policing Race in Canada explores the Canadian experience, and has been frequently cited by courts, commissions and academics.

Quick Facts

  • In 1986, Attorney General Ian Scott created the Mundell Medal to honour Ontario authors who have made exceptional contributions to legal writing.
  • David Walter Mundell was a renowned constitutional lawyer and the first director of the Ministry of the Attorney General's Constitutional Law Branch.
  • The Mundell Medal is awarded by the Attorney General on the recommendation of a selection committee chaired by the Honourable George Strathy, Chief Justice of Ontario.

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“The Mundell Medal is an annual touchstone for Ontario’s legal community that highlights the importance of compelling legal writing bringing ideas to life. On behalf of the Ministry of the Attorney General, I offer sincere congratulations to Gillian Hadfield and David Tanovich, who have added a new chapter to Ontario’s tradition of excellence in law and letters.”

Doug Downey

Attorney General

“I congratulate Professors Hadfield and Tanovich for the way they’ve each drawn in readers to consider their creative solutions to complex social problems. In her ground-breaking and ambitious analysis, Professor Hadfield demonstrates how our legal system could be re-imagined to adapt to technological change. Professor Tanovich’s critical race scholarship challenges us to examine systemic bias and urges us to work towards more equitable solutions.”

The Honourable George Strathy

Chief Justice of Ontario and Chair of the Mundell Medal Selection Committee

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