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The 2016 Appointees to the Order of Ontario

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The 2016 Appointees to the Order of Ontario

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

Peter A. Adamson, Toronto - surgical specialist in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

He is an internationally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose techniques are taught worldwide and who regularly leads teams of plastic surgeons on medical missions through his Face the Future Foundation.    

Mehran Anvari, Hamilton - surgical robotics pioneer

He was one of the first surgeons in Canada to use robotics in surgery and is the founding director of the world-renowned Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation, supporting the development of a new generation of medical robotics for early detection and treatment of cancers.

Donovan Bailey, Toronto - global track and field icon

He is a legendary sprinter, a two-time Olympic champion in the 100-metre and 4x100-metre relay, three-time world record holder and three-time world champion.

Jennifer Bond, Ottawa - professor of law and human rights advocate

Recently named Chair of the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative, she is an associate professor in the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law who has used her legal expertise to effect meaningful changes to refugee policy and implementation.

Angèle Brunelle, Thunder Bay - advocate for northwest Ontario's Francophone community

She is the director of the l'Acceuil francophone de Thunder Bay and has dedicated her life to promoting Francophone rights in the health and education sectors.

Ronald F. Caza, Ottawa - lawyer and ardent defender of Francophone linguistic rights

He has championed the preservation of French language and culture in Ontario, successfully arguing before the highest courts against attempts to eliminate or undermine essential institutions.

Anthony Kam Chuen Chan, Hamilton - prominent pediatric hematologist and scientist

He is a professor of pediatrics at McMaster University who has advanced the care of children with thrombosis and stroke, including the use of clot-resistant catheters which may prevent childhood thrombosis worldwide.

Ethel Côté, Ottawa - entrepreneur, volunteer and community leader

Founder of MécènESS, the first French-language crowdfunding platform, she has supported Francophone community economic development in Ontario and Canada for 35 years.

Jim Estill, Guelph - entrepreneur and philanthropist

He is the CEO of Danby Appliances who has sponsored and is resettling over 50 Syrian refugee families in his community.

Carol Finlay, Cobourg - Anglican priest and education advocate

She is the founder and director of Book Clubs for Inmates, a charity that operates book clubs in federal penitentiaries across Canada, building the literacy, communication, and social skills inmates need as they transition back into their communities.

Cheryl Forchuk, Brantford - leading scholar in the fields of homelessness, poverty and mental health

She is a distinguished nursing and psychiatry professor at Western University/Lawson Health Research Institute, whose pioneering transitional discharge approach has dramatically improved outcomes for psychiatric patients. 

Dorothée Gizenga, Orléans - international development expert and human rights advocate

She is the founding executive director of the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) and has dedicated her work to international development and the eradication of blood diamonds.

Shirley Greenberg, Ottawa - lawyer and prominent women's rights advocate

A proud feminist, she co-founded the National Association of Women and the Law and is credited with helping to achieve historic strides for women in Canada.

Robert Pio Hajjar, London - acclaimed "transformative" motivational speaker

Born with Down syndrome, he founded IDEAL WAY, a charity helping persons with intellectual disabilities and others to feel IDEAL: Included, Deserving, Equal, Appreciated, and Loved.

Greta Hodgkinson, Toronto - internationally renowned prima ballerina

She is a celebrated principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada who has raised the bar for quality within her art form and become a mentor to a new generation of dancers.

Dorothy Anna Jarvis, Oakville - distinguished pediatrician

She is a professor emerita at the University of Toronto's Department of Paediatrics and an international authority on emergency health care for children. 

Lisa LaFlamme, Toronto - national broadcast journalist

She is the chief anchor and senior editor of Canada's CTV National News who has used her influence to promote human rights, including improving access to education for Afghan women.

M.G. Venkatesh Mannar, Gloucester - international expert in food science technologies and nutrition

A chemical engineer and founder and president of the Micronutrient Initiative, he championed the fortification of salt with iron and iodine, directly improving the lives of hundreds of millions of the world's poorest people.

Ernest Matton (Little Brown Bear), Minesing - community capacity builder and spiritual ambassador

He is a well-respected Métis Elder who blends Aboriginal teachings with Western information to provide holistic healing/therapy approaches for Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members and professional disciplines.

Hon. Dennis O'Connor, Toronto - former Associate Chief Justice of Ontario

He is a highly regarded judge who presided over the Walkerton Commission of Inquiry and the Maher Arar Inquiry, both of which remain models for public inquiries to this day.

David Pearson, Sudbury - professor and promoter of science communication

He was the founding director of Science North, whose pioneering interactive approach has become a model for public science engagement.

Fran Rider, Mississauga - women's hockey advocate for 50 years

An icon of Canadian women's hockey, she helped establish the Ontario Women's Hockey Association, the women's hockey world championships, and the acceptance of women's hockey as an official Olympic sport.

Beverley Salmon, Toronto - prominent anti-racism and community activist

Toronto's first black female municipal councillor and founding chair of the Toronto Board of Education's Black Liaison Committee, she championed an inclusionary curriculum and anti-racism training for teachers.

Hon. Hugh Segal, Toronto - distinguished public servant

He has served in the public, private, academic and not-for-profit sectors for 40 years, including as a senator, as a chief of staff to a prime minister, and as associate Cabinet secretary in Ontario.

Helga Stephenson, Toronto - arts administrator and human rights activist

She was executive director of Toronto's Festival of Festivals, transforming it into the world-renowned Toronto International Film Festival. She also helped establish the Canada Committee of Human Rights Watch and the annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival.

Margo Timmins, Thornbury - celebrated vocalist 

She is the voice of internationally renowned Canadian alternative rock band Cowboy Junkies, whose unique sound has influenced contemporary music within Canada and throughout the world.

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