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Modernizing Immigration to Support Ontario's Economy

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Modernizing Immigration to Support Ontario's Economy

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) supports Ontario's economy by attracting highly skilled workers to fill gaps in the province's labour market, and ensure the province has the skills it needs in today's knowledge-based, innovation economy.

OINP streams have become more closely aligned with Ontario's Immigration Strategy, and the province's labour market and economic development priorities.  The changes have been successful and interest in the OINP continues to grow.

Increased Federal Nomination Allocation

  • The province fulfilled last year's allocation of 5,500 nominees.  In past years, about 98 per cent of Ontario's nominees have been approved by the federal government. 
  • The federal government recognized the success of the OINP and its importance to Ontario's economy, and increased the province's 2017 allocation by 500 nominees to a total of 6,000.
  • In 2014, Ontario's nomination allocation was only 2,500.

Workers and Employers Benefitting

  • Between 2007 and 2015:
    • 98 per cent of nominees selected with a job offer remained in Ontario and were employed.
    • 91 per cent of employers say they are satisfied with their nominee.
    • 86 per cent of businesses saw tangible benefits from their nominees, including increased revenues, new contracts and new customers.
    • Two-thirds of all Ontario universities have used the program since 2007 to retain world-class professors and researchers and deliver better education to students.
    • Over 3,500 job vacancies were filled through the OINP, benefiting over 260 businesses.
  • About 25 per cent of Ontario's 2016 nominees work in the thriving ICT sector. This is more than double the amount suggested by Ontario business leaders and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (10 per cent)‎.

Modernizing Streams and Improving Client Service

  • Next week, Ontario will reopen three streams that represent the bulk of its annual nominations - the International Masters Graduate Stream, the International PhD Graduate Stream and the Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream.
  • Applications for these three streams will be accepted online only. To ensure processing efficiency and quality customer service, we will be monitoring the volume of applications to the International Masters Graduate, International PhD Graduate and Human Capital Priorities streams. We will pause and reopen these streams periodically throughout the year.
  • Applicants to the International Masters Graduate Stream will be able to apply if they are residing in Ontario or abroad, and will have the option of obtaining their language test through an additional service provider.
  • Please monitor the OINP Updates webpage for further news, announcements and new developments with the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.
  • The program is continuing to move to a paperless system in 2017, making it easier to apply and speeding up processing. 
  • Two online application systems have already been launched, including one for the French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream, which is helping the province meet its ambitious goal of five per cent Francophone immigration.
  • The OINP is reviewing its business-focused streams to better help employers address their skills gaps, and improve processing times.  These streams will reopen in the coming months as improvements are made.



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