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Top 10 Consumer Complaints In 2009

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Top 10 Consumer Complaints In 2009

McGuinty Government Protects Ontarians in the Marketplace

Ministry of Consumer Services

Concerns about collection agencies and home repairs and renovations lead the list of top 10 consumer complaints in 2009.

The province prepares the list every year in an effort to educate, empower and protect consumers when purchasing goods and services. Last year, the government received more than 55,000 complaints from consumers. The top 10 complaints for 2009, which represented almost one-third of all complaints, include:

1. Collection agencies/debt collectors
2. Home repairs/renovations
3. Motor vehicle purchases/sales
4. Appliances
5. Credit reporting
6. Home furnishings
7. Motor vehicle repairs
8. Health and fitness clubs
9. Energy brokers
10. Telephone/long distance.

Consumers looking for advice on dealing with these topics or who have a complaint can contact the Ministry of Consumer Services at (416) 326-8800 in the Greater Toronto Area, toll-free across Ontario at 1-800-889-9768 or via e-mail at consumer@ontario.ca or visit the ministry's website at www.ontario.ca/consumerservices.

Quick Facts

  • In 2009, Ministry of Consumer Services obtained over $528,000 in mediated refunds and cancelled or rescinded contracts for consumers.
  • In same time frame, the ministry conducted 597 compliance inspections and field visits and laid 2,777 charges.

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“Consumers in Ontario work hard for their money and we're here to help them make smart consumer purchases. Consumers can e-mail us, call us or visit our website for information, help and advice on a range of consumer goods and services, including our top ten list.”

Sophia Aggelonitis

Minister of Consumer Services

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