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Ronald Taverner Named New Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police

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Ronald Taverner Named New Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police

Ministry of the Solicitor General

QUEEN'S PARK — Today, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Sylvia Jones announced the appointment of Ronald (Ron) Taverner as Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Superintendent Taverner was appointed by Cabinet, based on the unanimous recommendation of a selection committee comprised exclusively of members of the Ontario Public Service and supported by Odgers Berndtson, an executive search firm.

Taverner is currently Unit Commander of 12, 23, and 31 Divisions with the Toronto Police Service, and is well respected for his focus on building relationships with marginalized communities.

"I'm very pleased to appoint Ron Taverner as OPP Commissioner," said Minister Jones. "He is a relationship builder, and I'm certain he will have a positive impact on policing across Ontario."

He began his career in policing in 1967 and has worked in many divisions and units, including intelligence, organized crime enforcement, outlaw motorcycle gangs and community policing. Taverner is the recipient of many recognitions and awards, including, in 2009, the Order of Merit of the Police Forces, awarded by the Governor General of Canada. It recognizes fellowship of honour based on the highest qualities of citizenship and service to Canada, to the police community and to humanity at large.

"With over 50 years' experience, Ron brings the support of front-line officers, community leaders and our respected law enforcement professionals," said Minister Jones. "We will be well served by an officer who has dedicated his life to making our communities a safer place to live."

Taverner will assume his post on December 17, 2018, and will serve for a term of up to three years.

Support for Ronald Taverner
Named New Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police

"On behalf of the uniform and civilian members of the OPPA, I would like to welcome our new Commissioner. We look forward to working collaboratively with Commissioner Ron Taverner, someone who has such a proven track record in law enforcement."
- Rob Jamieson, President, Ontario Provincial Police Association

"I've known Superintendent Ron Taverner for 30-plus years. He's a hardworking, progressive and dedicated officer. Ron is a great choice to lead to Ontario Provincial Police."
- Bruce Chapman, President, Police Association of Ontario

"After serving Toronto Police for more than 50 years, there are few people who will leave behind a legacy so rich in community service as Ron Taverner. He will be missed by members of the Service and citizens of Toronto. I wish him every success as he begins a new chapter with the Ontario Provincial Police."
- Mark Saunders, Chief of Police, Toronto Police Service

"I can't think of a more qualified and dedicated leader for the job. Ron Taverner is a huge asset for the people of Ontario. He's been a strong advocate for the community and our city. The OPP's gain is Toronto's loss."
- Mike McCormack, President, Toronto Police Association

"Ron Taverner's reputation in various city and province-wide communities speaks to his unique and exceptional professional and personal style. His demeanor and candor is engaging, embraced and admired. His passion, leadership and commitment to his staff, peers and community at large has impacted lives and makes a difference on a daily basis. It is with the utmost confidence that Ron Taverner will serve the Province in his capacity as the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, with as much commitment, integrity and the highest level of work ethic as he did in serving our city!"
- Lisa Kostakis, BSW, RSW Executive Director, Albion Neighbourhood Services

"As the co-chair of the 23 Division Community Police Liaison Committee, I have personally watched Superintendent Taverner bring the community together, always working towards a common goal of community mobilization/safety and crime reduction. He is our champion! Superintendent Taverner has being a positive agent of change in our community, his professionalism, vision and leadership have greatly benefited all community members in 23 Division. He embodies great empathy for all and is steadfast in ensuring that all efforts are made to make and keep our community safe."
- Donata Calitri-Bellus, Co-Chair, 23 Division Community Police Liaison Committee

"He has been a valuable mentor and support over the many years of our friendship, with me and the community. My relationship and partnership with the Toronto Police Service and Superintendent Ron Taverner has grown very strong with Trust 15. The remarkable trust and seeing the difference that Ron has changed in the community has made us stronger."
- Marcia Brown, Executive Director & Founder, Trust 15 Youth Community Support Organization

"Superintendent Ron Taverner has been a great partner and leader in the Rexdale Community. He is a community-minded individual and very supportive of the work of the Rexdale Community Health Centre and many other community organizations in the Rexdale area. He has given of his time to many initiatives one such being the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Rexdale, a program of RCHC, as a community champion, and specifically supported the development of Hockey in Rexdale, which was an initiative to teach kids to skate. He has stayed engaged with the community and is never too busy to address an issue or concern when approached."
- Althea Martin Risden, Director, Health Promotion, Rexdale Community Health Centre

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