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Ontario Investing in Indigenous Economic Development

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Ontario Investing in Indigenous Economic Development

Ministry of Indigenous Affairs

Ontario is working with Indigenous communities to create lasting economic prosperity for Indigenous people and communities.

Today the province announced $27.5 million in funding for programs that support economic development for Indigenous people. The programs support training, job creation community infrastructure, and consultation capacity in communities, making a real difference in the lives of community members.

The 2018-19 funding will flow through three programs:

  • The Indigenous Economic Development Fund (IEDF): $10 million
  • The Indigenous Community Capital Grants Program (ICCGP): $3 million
  • The New Relationship Fund (NRF): $14.5 million

"The economic gaps faced by many Indigenous communities is unacceptable. That's why closing these gaps for good is so important - not only for the communities themselves, but for everyone in Ontario. When Indigenous people prosper, we all prosper," said Greg Rickford, Minister of Indigenous Affairs.

With better opportunities for employment and financial success, Ontario is helping make a meaningful difference in the lives of Indigenous people, so they can share fully in the prosperity of the province today and tomorrow.

Quick Facts

  • The IEDF provides grants and financing to Aboriginal businesses and Indigenous communities and organizations. The fund helps promote economic development and improve socio-economic outcomes for Indigenous people.
  • The ICCGP funds the development of community capital projects that contribute to a sustainable social base and support economic participation in Indigenous communities, both on and off reserve.
  • The NRF supports consultation to ensure the voices of Indigenous people are included in economic development initiatives.

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