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Giving People More Housing Options


Giving People More Housing Options

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

The people of Ontario need housing that is more affordable. Ontario's Government for the People is taking steps to make it easier and faster to build housing of all types to reduce the cost of renting or buying a home. 

Exempting New Units from Rent Control 

Our government is encouraging landlords to create more rental housing, while keeping our commitment to maintain rent control for existing tenants.

New units include rentals in new buildings, mobile home parks and land lease communities that are occupied for the first time after November 15, 2018, additions to existing buildings and new second units (e.g., basement apartments).

Current tenants with lease agreements, or who are paying month-to-month rent as part of a previous lease agreement, would still be protected by rent control. Rent increase limits will continue to protect existing tenants. Their rent will not go up more than 1.8 per cent in 2019.

Ending the Development Charges Rebate Program 

The previous government's Development Charges Rebate Program will be discontinued. Exempting new units from rent control is a better way to encourage developers across Ontario to build more rental housing than using more than $100 million of taxpayers' money to rebate development charges in a select few communities.

Seeking Public Input on Increasing Housing Supply

Our government believes there are new and innovative ways to overcome the many barriers to building housing. Through public consultations, the government wants to hear the best ideas, which will inform a broader action plan. The goal is to help spark development, give more people more housing choices, reduce housing costs and help taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned dollars.

Creating Jobs

More housing will help Ontario keep and grow good jobs across the province. Businesses - from manufacturers to technology firms - need employees, and employees need affordable places to live.

Getting shovels in the ground on more projects quicker will also bring more construction jobs to Ontario. Adding 10,000 housing starts per year will grow real GDP by 0.3 per cent and create about 15,000 new construction jobs over three years.

By making housing more affordable, businesses large and small will once again be encouraged to invest in our province. Ontario is open for business.

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