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Ontario Releases Chinese Version Of Fishing Regulations

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Ontario Releases Chinese Version Of Fishing Regulations

McGuinty Government Helps Anglers Understand Regulations

Ontario is printing the 2008-2009 Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary for the southern Ontario Fisheries Management Zones in traditional Chinese.

Beginning in 2000, the Ministry of Natural Resources has worked in co-operation with the Ontario Chinese Anglers Association to provide anglers with the fishing regulations summary in traditional Chinese. 

The regulations summary is available online at ontario.ca/fishing.  Ontario will also distribute 25,000 copies of the summary through select licence issuers, and Asian angling and community centres, by mid-April.  It is also available in English and French.

The regulations for 2008-2009 are easier to understand.  Changes include a reduced number of fishing zones to 20 from 37 divisions, and changes in seasons and limits for some species.

Anglers should read the summary carefully to ensure they fully understand the regulations.

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 1.4 million anglers fish in Ontario each year and spend $2.3 billion dollars in the province annually.
  • Ontario manages 24 per cent of Canada’s freshwater, including 40 per cent of the Great Lakes and more than 250,000 lakes across the province.
  • The Ontario Chinese Anglers Association became a registered non-profit organization in April 2000 and has over 300 members

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“Fishing is an activity that brings together Ontario families of all cultural backgrounds. By following the new regulations, anglers are helping to ensure the sustainability of the province’s fisheries for all Ontarians.”

Donna Cansfield

Minister of Natural Resources

“I want to thank the Ministry of Natural Resources for their support and continual effort to provide a Chinese version of the regulations summary. I believe this will help Chinese anglers understand changes and updates to the regulations.”

Raymond Zee

Chair, Ontario Chinese Anglers Association



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