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Managing Ontario's Elk Population

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Managing Ontario's Elk Population

McGuinty Government Seeks Public Comment On Elk Management Program

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Ontario is seeking public feedback on new approaches to managing the province's elk population.

The goal of the proposed program is to ensure a healthy elk population while reducing their impact on agricultural lands.

The proposals are posted for a 45-day public comment period on the Environmental Registry.

Quick Facts

  • Elk disappeared from Ontario in the late 19th century due to unregulated over-hunting and pressure from human settlement.
  • Elk from Alberta's Elk Island National Park were released in Ontario starting in 1998.
  • Wild elk are now found in four areas of the province: near Lake of the Woods, Blind River, Sudbury and Bancroft.

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“The successful restoration of elk in Ontario is something to be celebrated and would not have been possible without the contribution and dedication of numerous partners. We want to ensure a sustainable elk population in Ontario for the future.”

Linda Jeffrey

Minister of Natural Resources

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