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Ontario is Protecting People And Property From Forest Fires

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Ontario is Protecting People And Property From Forest Fires

McGuinty Government Keeping Ontarians Safe

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Ontario successfully managed over 927 forest fires in 2010 affecting 14,824 hectares.

Between April and October this year, Ontario FireRangers  fought fires ranging from small bush fires to much larger scale fires, such as fires in Wawa which covered 2,051 hectares and Red Lake which covered 4,427 hectares. Ontario also provided personnel, aircraft and equipment to help fight fires for fellow Canadians in the provinces of Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and in the Northwest Territories.

For 125 years, Ontario's forest fire fighting program has been protecting Ontarians and our valuable natural resources from forest fires.

Quick Facts

  • In 1885, Ontario introduced a team of dedicated staff ready to serve and protect people, their property and the province's forests - a legacy that continues today with the Ontario FireRanger crews.
  • As part of mutual support arrangements across the country, 750 Ontario staff provided 10,000 days to help British Columbia with its difficult fire season between July and September - the third largest deployment of resources in Ontario's history.
  • Ontario has made it easier to report forest fires by calling a toll-free number: 310-FIRE (3473).

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“I am proud of Ontario's long history of protecting Ontario families and communities from the dangers of forest fires. It is comforting to know that we have the people, skills and experience to meet the challenge and are also able to help our neighbors across Canada.”

Linda Jeffrey

Minister of Natural Resources

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