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Ontario Renews Calls to Scrap the Federal Carbon Tax

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Ontario Renews Calls to Scrap the Federal Carbon Tax

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli Fights for Workers and Businesses

Ministry of Finance

Ottawa - Building on Premier Ford's leadership, today at the meeting of federal, provincial and territorial Finance Ministers, Vic Fedeli renewed Ontario's call to scrap the federal carbon tax. Minister Fedeli made it clear that this tax, along with the enhancement to the Canada Pension Plan, will make Canada a less attractive place to do business.

"The federal government's insistence on the job-killing carbon tax is proof they are not listening to people and businesses across the country," said Fedeli. "Ontario has built a provincial alliance with Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, and we are standing up for workers whose jobs are at risk because of the carbon tax." 

Carbon taxes are a drag on the economy, and will raise the price on everything from filling up the car to heating the home in the winter. Ontario has a plan for the environment through its new Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan, which sets out a plan to meet emissions targets without placing an additional tax burden on individuals, families and businesses.

Ontario is also working with the provinces, territories and the federal government to strengthen internal trade by reducing regulations across the country and cutting red tape to make sure Canada is open for business. The provinces, territories and the federal government have agreed to accelerate work to strengthen the Canadian Free Trade Agreement and reduce barriers in areas including alcoholic beverages, agri-food, transport regulations, occupational health and safety, and business registration.

At the meeting today, the Government of Ontario, along with many other provinces and territories, also raised the issue of cannabis and the severe shortage of supply across the country. The federal government is responsible for licensing enough cannabis production in Canada to displace the illegal market, but to-date there has not been enough supply to meet consumer demand and swift action is needed. In addition, Minister Fedeli urged the federal government to ensure First Nations communities have the financial support needed to successfully respond to the legalization of cannabis. 

The Government of Ontario also called on the federal government to provide adequate funding for Ontario's French-Language Services, for skills training to support Ontario's manufacturers, and to fully reimburse the provinces for the cost of supporting illegal migrants coming from the U.S., which the federal Parliamentary Budget Officer recently affirmed is costly to provinces.

"We are disappointed the federal government is turning its back on the people of Ontario and leaving them without a fair and adequate share of funding for services they rely on," said Minister Fedeli, "this is why we are calling for a full review of federal transfers because we want to make sure that Ontario businesses and families are getting their fair share."

In the absence of federal leadership, Ontario's Government for the People is working with all provinces and territories to deliver results on the issues that matter most to the people and bring prosperity back to Canada.  

Quick Facts

  • Service exports to other provinces and territories are almost double Ontario’s service exports to other countries.
  • Ontario is the top export destination for 19 U.S. states, and the second largest for nine others.
  • The province will match the federal capital cost allowance to help fuel new business investment and competitiveness.

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