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Bed Bug Initiatives

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Bed Bug Initiatives

Ministry of Health

Like many jurisdictions, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and other Canadian provinces, Ontario is seeing a growing number of bed bug infestations being reported.

The province is responding with a number of initiatives aimed at preventing and managing bed bugs, including:

  • Funding up to $5 million for local education and awareness initiatives and to support vulnerable populations
  • Launching a new public education campaign that features a new website to inform Ontarians how to identify bed bugs and what actions they can take
  • Distributing an integrated pest management best practices guide on how to identify bed bugs, perform inspections properly, prepare living areas for treatment, and carry out pest control treatments.     

Local Initiatives

The government is providing up to $5 million in funding to support public health units in addressing bed bugs in their communities. The province's 36 public health units can apply for funding to support bed bug-related programs that emphasize coordination with other local services, education and awareness and/or provide supports to vulnerable populations.

New Website: www.bedbugsinfo.ca

The new website is a one-stop-shop for the public to get accurate information and simple, easy-to-use tips to combat infestations. The site will also include resources, templates and pre-prepared materials for different organizations to use in various settings to bring information to their own members.

Integrated Pest Management Program for Managing Bed Bugs

A guide, An Integrated Pest Management Program for Managing Bed Bugs is being distributed on how to identify bed bug infestations, perform inspections properly, prepare living areas for treatment and carry out pest treatments. The guide stresses bed bug prevention through education of residents, facility managers and landlords. It also provides an educational resource for service providers such as visiting nurses, social workers, tradespersons and others who must, as part of their job, visit or come into contact with people who may have bed bug infestations.

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