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Ontario Government Nominates 16 Region of Waterloo Transit Projects to the Federal Government for Funding


Ontario Government Nominates 16 Region of Waterloo Transit Projects to the Federal Government for Funding

Ministry of Infrastructure

The Ontario Government is investing up to $60.7 million in the Region of Waterloo for transit infrastructure projects under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). These projects will reduce congestion, improve commutes, connect neighbourhoods and businesses, and people to jobs. Sixteen projects have been forwarded to the federal government for final funding approval:

NOTE: Financials have been rounded

Project Name

Project Description

Provincial Funding ($M)

Conventional Vehicle Additions

· Purchase of 15 buses to expand the fleet to meet service growth targets.

$ 3.9

Ottawa Street Reconstruction

· Reconstruction of 0.86 km of roadway and the addition of 1.72 km of bike lanes.

·  These will connect an ION Rapid transit station as well as multiple stops serviced by bus routes.

$ 0.16

Highway 7/8 Cycling and Pedestrian Bridge

·  Construction of a 260m2 pedestrian and cycling bridge to connect residential areas to transit systems.

·  250m of new sidewalks.

·  New cycling facility.

·  Pedestrian lighting.

$ 3.2

Lackner Blvd. Multi-Use Trail

·  Construction of multi-use trail for cyclists and pedestrians.

·  Will create connections between transit stops along Lackner Blvd.


Specialized Vehicle Replacements

·  Purchase of 19 specialized vehicles to replace ones at the end of their lifespan.

$ 1.2

Specialized Vehicle Additions

·  Purchase of two specialized vehicles to expand the fleet to meet growing demands for service


Conestoga College Transit Service Expansion

·  Purchase of six transit buses.

·  Installation of 9 bus shelters, canopies and other passenger amenities.

$ 2.8

Market Trail to ION Light Rail Transit

·  Construction of a 1.7 km shared-use trail to connect major employment areas and tourist destination to ION Light Rail Transit.

$ 0.94

Iron Horse Trail Improvements

·  Construction of up to 5 km of new active transportation infrastructure links from Iron Horse Trail to light rail stations.

·   This includes road crossing improvements and wayfinding signage to/from transit and trail corridor.

$ 0.42

On Street Improvements

·  Upgrading up to 90 bus stops, including shelters, benches and concrete areas.

·  This will improve accessibility to stops, including improved pedestrian crossings to stops.

·  Will aid in bus movements.

$ 0.86

Grand River Northfield Bus Maintenance Facility

·  Construction of a 200-bus maintenance and storage facility.

·   Needed to increase size of fleet to meet growing demand in the region, including better connections to the light rail system.

$ 39.6

ITS for Transit

·   Purchase of technology, including fare system upgrades, solar powered displays, a fleet management system, vehicle health monitoring, improved dispatching software and performance monitoring software to increase efficiencies.

$ 0.71

University of Waterloo Transit Shelter Canopy

·   Construction of four heated shelters with a shelter area for 40 bikes.

·   Will include improved amenities and protection for passengers. 

$ 1.2

Implementation of Separated Bike Lane Pilot Project

·   Evaluate different separated cycling lane types for ease of use, costs and ease of maintenance

·   Construction of 9.5 km of separated bike lanes.

·   These will connect to several transit stations and enable easy transfer to transit for cyclists.

$ 0.54

Cycling Facility at Regional Rd. 24 at Highway 401

·   Construction of 1 km of cycling lanes on Hespeler Rd over the 401.

·   This will create a connection to transit service.

$ 0.79

Conventional Vehicle Replacements

·   Purchase of 15 conventional buses to replace vehicles at the end of their lifespan.

$ 3.9

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