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Improving Workplace Safety

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Improving Workplace Safety

Ministry of Labour

Ron Kelusky has been appointed as the province's new Chief Prevention Officer (CPO). The Occupational Health and Safety Act provisions related to the appointment of a Chief Prevention Officer and the duties of the position have not changed. The Minister of Labour appoints the Chief Prevention Officer. The Chief Prevention Officer continues to be accountable to the Minister of Labour for a provincial Occupational Health and Safety Strategy, and an Annual Report on the performance of the health and safety system.

Mr. Kelusky takes over a Prevention Office within Ontario's Ministry of Labour that has achieved many notable accomplishments since its inception in 2011.  

Prevention Office Accomplishments

  • Developed the first Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Strategy meant to guide the activities of all system partners
  • Released annual reports on Ontario's occupational health and safety system
  • Implemented a regulation on mandatory health and safety awareness training
  • Developed and released a Construction Health and Safety Action Plan, which was one of the most substantial action plans undertaken to date to prevent deaths, injuries and illnesses, and was developed in close partnership with labour and employer representatives from the construction industry
  • Delivered regulation on Working at Heights Training:
    • Since April 1, 2015 all workers who work at heights in construction have to be trained to do so using an approved training program delivered by a CPO-approved training provider
    • Over 207 CPO-approved providers are providing this critical training across Ontario and as of February 2018, over 476,000 workers had received this training
  • Implemented new Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Training Standards, which formalized the Part 2 hazard training and requires refresher training every 3 years
  • Completed the majority of the 18 recommendations from the Mining Health, Safety and Prevention Review, including the implementation of several new regulations
  • Implemented the Accreditation and Employer Recognition Project:
    • The Project recognizes Ontario employers who improve injury prevention and workplace safety through the adoption of occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) that go beyond minimum compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
    • The Ministry of Labour completed a consultation on the program on January 26, 2018 and continues to analyze the consultation feedback
  • Improved alignment of occupational health and safety system partner planning through the System Operational Planning process, allowing the system to focus on specific priorities
  • Elevated attention and focus on Occupational Disease, including the development of a comprehensive approach to respond to ongoing and emerging cases of occupational disease in Ontario workplaces
  • Hosted two annual summits on Mental Health/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and developed a number of supports for businesses, including ThinkMentalHealth.ca
  • Supported grant programs:

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