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New 'X' Gender Option Now Available on Ontario Driver's Licences

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New 'X' Gender Option Now Available on Ontario Driver's Licences

Ontario Advancing Gender Inclusivity with Changes to Official Documents

Ministry of Transportation

Ontario drivers now have the option to display an 'X' in the sex field of their driver's licence, to ensure the fair, ethical and equitable treatment of people with trans and non-binary gender identity.

The change is available now to all Ontario drivers through ServiceOntario. There is no additional fee, and there are no additional requirements.

The Ontario health card and driver's licence are the first government products to support gender inclusive options. Later this spring, Ontario will provide an update on how it collects, uses, retains and displays sex and gender identity information on government forms and ID. The policy will reflect feedback received from the public and stakeholders through in-person and online consultations last fall.

Taking action to be more inclusive of gender diversity is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives. 

Quick Facts

  • As of June 13, 2016, Ontario health cards no longer display information about a person's sex on the face of the card.
  • ‘X’ is a standard accepted by the International Civil Aviation Organization Standards, which promotes consistency among travel documents including driver licences.

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“We are committed to inclusivity and the fair treatment of everyone in Ontario - that’s why we are making it easier for people to get government identification that matches their gender identity. Today, a driver’s licence with an ‘M’, ‘F’ or ‘X’ is equally valid, and we will continue working closely with our international partners to ensure that these changes are properly recognized and accepted when travelling outside of Ontario.”

Steven Del Duca

Minister of Transportation

“During our consultations, many people told us about the harassment and discrimination that trans and non-binary people experience. Having an option for an X on a driver’s licence and introducing a broader policy will help people have government identification that is consistent with their gender identity.”

Tracy MacCharles

Minister of Government and Consumer Services

“This is a positive, inclusive step to support trans and non-binary Ontarians. I'm glad to see Ontario showing leadership around gender identity.”

Teddy Syrette

Two-Spirit/Gender-Fluid activist

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