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Ford Government Delivers on Promise to Build Regional Transportation

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Ford Government Delivers on Promise to Build Regional Transportation

Province Appoints Special Advisor

Ministry of Transportation

Ontario's Government for the People is working to get residents and business across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area moving with a plan to upload responsibility for subway infrastructure, from the City of Toronto to the Province. The Government of Ontario is determined to deliver a modern transit system that will serve the GTHA's growing communities, drive economic development and alleviate traffic congestion.  

Today John Yakabuski, Minister of Transportation, announced the appointment of Michael Lindsay as Special Advisor on the upload of the Toronto subway system. He will work with the province on a plan to efficiently and effectively deliver on this key commitment. Mr. Lindsay, and an advisory panel of up to three experts to be appointed, will support the government in determining the best approach for the upload, including the building and maintenance of new and existing subway lines.

"This is part of our government's plan to improve public transit and bring relief to commuters across the region," said Minister Yakabuski. "Travelling around the GTHA can be difficult and cumbersome. Traffic congestion and a lack of transit infrastructure is costing money, jobs and time. Our government is stepping up and treating the subway like the vital service it is. I welcome our new Special Advisor, Michael Lindsay, and I look forward to working with him on this important initiative."

The Toronto subway system is critical for the economic success of the region. An upload of the subway would help the province to implement a more efficient regional transit system, reduce costs and build transit faster.  It could also allow the province to fund and deliver additional transit projects sooner.


Background: Michael Lindsay

Michael Lindsay has significant expertise in delivering large, complex commercial transactions related to public infrastructure. He has spent more than ten years supporting public and private entities pursuing major infrastructure programs and projects. He will accept no remuneration for his service as Special Advisor.

Prior to his appointment, he worked as the Global Director of Infrastructure Planning & Advisory at Hatch and as Senior Vice President of Commercial Projects at Infrastructure Ontario, responsible for structuring public transit projects and modernizing public assets in partnership with the private sector.

Before that, Mr. Lindsay was an Associate Principal with McKinsey & Company, where he was a core leader of the Canadian Public Sector Practice. He helped provincial and federal entities improve service, reduce costs, and analyze how best to deliver programs and projects in partnership with other levels of government.

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