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Ontario Launches Speed Limit Pilots on Sections of Three Highways in Southern Ontario


Ontario Launches Speed Limit Pilots on Sections of Three Highways in Southern Ontario

Ministry of Transportation

Locations for the speed limit pilots:

  1. The Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) from 2 kilometres east of Jordan Road in Lincoln/St. Catharines to 300 metres east of Millen Road in Hamilton (32 km)

  2. Highway 402 from 200 metres west of White Oak Road in London to 2.5 kilometres east of Airport Road in Sarnia (90 km)

  3. Highway 417 from 1 kilometre east of Anderson Road in Ottawa/Gloucester to 1 kilometre west of the Ontario/Quebec border (102 km)

Increased Signage

Public safety on our roads and highways is our number one priority. During these pilots, we are adding extra safety measures, such as increased signage and messaging to make sure that all drivers know where the speed limits changes.


Ontario's government is committed to protecting drivers and keeping Ontario's highways safe by amending the stunt-driving regulation to ensure that penalties are enforced at 150 km/h. This means that in the speed limit pilot zones, the street-racing penalties will apply at 40 km/h over the posted speed limit, not the usual 50 km/hr over.

Background on Speed Limits

The following chart outlines the maximum posted speed limit on sections of highways that meet provincial specifications in other provinces and territories in Canada as well as the year they came into effect.


Maximum Speed Limit (km/h)

Date of Increase




British Columbia






New Brunswick



Nova Scotia






Other provinces/territories

90 - 100


Fines and Penalties

The government does not tolerate any driving behaviour that puts the lives of drivers, themselves and other road users at risk.

This chart outlines statutory penalties for speeding in Ontario according to the speed a driver is caught travelling above a posted limit. Fines in bold print indicate the amount of the fine when caught speeding in community safety zones and constructions zones when workers are present.

Speeding over limit by:

HTA Fine

Victim Fine Surcharge

Court Cost

Total Payable

Demerits Points

1 km/h - 15 km/h

$3.00 per km/h over, or

$6.00 per km/h over








16 km/h - 19 km/h

$3.00 per km/h over, or

$6.00 per km/h over








20 km/h - 29 km/h

$4.50 per km/h over, or

$9.00 per km/h over








30 km/h - 34 km/h

$7.00 per km/h over, or

$14.00 per km/h over








35 km/h - 49 km/h

$7.00 per km/h over, or

$14.00 per km/h over








50 km/h +

$9.75 per km/h over, or

$19.50 per km/h over








50 km/h + & Section 172 (1)

Under the Highway Traffic Act, street racers can be charged with street racing, driving contest or driving stunt under Section 172 (1).

The definition of a "stunt" includes driving 50 km/h or more above the posted speed limit. Drivers speeding at this rate of speed should be charged under Section 172 (1).

At Roadside


Seven-day vehicle impoundment and seven-day licence suspension at roadside if the driver is involved in a street race, a driving contest or a driving stunt.

Following Conviction


Fine ranging from minimum of $2,000 to maximum of $10,000; jail term up to six months and licence suspension up to two years or six demerit points. Court-ordered maximum 10-year driver licence suspension for second conviction, if it occurs within 10 years of the first conviction.

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