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Santa Knows That Good Things Grow-Ho-Ho in Ontario

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Santa Knows That Good Things Grow-Ho-Ho in Ontario

Spruce Up Your Home This Holiday Season with a Locally Grown Christmas Tree

Celebrate old traditions or create new ones by bringing home a local, sustainably grown Ontario Christmas tree to support Ontario's inaugural Christmas Tree Day on December 5.

It's easy and fun to support local businesses throughout the holiday season. Here are eight things to keep in mind this year when choosing your Ontario Christmas tree:

  1. Real Christmas trees are an all-natural and healthy option - no plastic and no chemicals.
  2. Finding a locally grown Christmas tree is easy. Look for an Ontario Wood tag when picking a tree from a lot or retailer, or take your family and friends to harvest your own at a local tree farm.
  3. Can't decide whether you want a pine, spruce or fir? Take an online quiz to find the best tree for you.
  4. Make sure you're prepared by measuring your doorframes and rooms before you purchase, so you don't buy a tree that is too big - and don't forget to take a tape measure with you when you shop.
  5. Not sure how to identify a fresh tree? Fresh needles won't fall off when you slide your hand along the branches and they won't break when you bend them.
  6. Take good care of your tree by cutting the bottom two inches off the trunk when you get it home and keep it well hydrated every day.
  7. Need inspiration to decorate your tree? Invite your family and friends over and decorate together.
  8. Locally grown Christmas trees aren't the only way you can decorate your home this season - add a festive touch with a locally grown wreath, garland, poinsettia or amaryllis to decorate your home.

To help give all Ontarians the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season, consider donating to a charity or food bank in your community, or volunteering your time at a local charitable organization.

Quick Facts

  • In 2015, Ontario passed Christmas Tree Day Act, 2015 proclaiming the first Saturday of December each year as Christmas Tree Day.
  • Ontario consumers buy one million locally grown Christmas trees a year - generating approximately $12 million in farm sales, helping to support jobs and local economies across the province.
  • Christmas trees are grown as an agricultural crop on more than 600 Christmas tree farms in Ontario.
  • For every tree harvested, three seedlings are planted for future holiday seasons.

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“Whether you purchase a tree from a retail vendor or harvest it yourself at a tree farm, buying a sustainably grown, local Christmas tree is a fun way to support Ontario’s farmers and your local economy. Celebrate the inaugural Christmas Tree Day in Ontario by finding a local Ontario Christmas Tree vendor to create lasting memories with your family and friends.”

Jeff Leal

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“Celebrate Ontario Christmas Tree Day by bringing home a locally-grown Christmas tree and greenery. By buying a real Christmas tree this holiday season, Ontarians are helping to support Ontario tree farmers, our environment and our economy.”

Bill Mauro

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry

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