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Growing Opportunities for Young Farmers

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Growing Opportunities for Young Farmers

Removing the Regulatory Burden of Doing Business

Guelph - Ontario's Government for the People is committed to reducing red tape and easing regulatory burden, to lower business costs and improve competitiveness for young farmers and new entrants in the agri-business sector.

Today the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ernie Hardeman, hosted a roundtable to hear how the government can help young farmers as they start, and grow their farm businesses.

"Young farmers are the future of agriculture in Ontario. They bring fresh ideas and perspectives and it is important that we ensure they have what they need to be successful," said Hardeman. The government is committed to creating the right business conditions to ensure a bright future for young farmers which will encourage more young people to consider careers in agriculture. 

The government wants a vibrant and diverse agri-food sector, while making it easier for young entrepreneurs to grow their production of local food and niche-market products to meet consumer demand.

"For too long Ontario's regulatory requirements have been inefficient, inflexible, or out of date," Hardeman said. "It's time to reduce the burdens for all farmers and their businesses, but especially our young and new entrants who will feed Ontario for generations to come."

"I want to thank the young farmers and young farm leaders who participated in our roundtable today. They showed a great deal of excitement and commitment to help find ways to make Ontario agri-businesses thrive," Hardeman said.

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