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Memorandum of Understanding Regarding a Common Engagement in Building the 5G-Next Generation Networks

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Memorandum of Understanding Regarding a Common Engagement in Building the 5G-Next Generation Networks

Between the Government of Ontario and the Gouvernement du Québec

Office of the Premier

Whereas Ontario and Québec (collectively, the "Parties") are strongly committed to becoming leaders in supporting 5G technologies and next generation networking by creating an open innovation ecosystem to accelerate the growth of information and communications technology, and sectors that use these technologies;

Whereas the Parties will endeavour to provide support for building a disruptive and transformative digital ecosystem designed to harness technological infrastructure to accelerate innovation, the growth of businesses and start-ups, and attract a highly skilled workforce in Ontario and Québec;

Whereas new digital technologies like 5G are emerging and the Parties recognize the strategic importance of building a world-class next generation  testbed(s) to create opportunities for Ontario and Québec firms and technology developers to be at the forefront of these new global trends;

Whereas support for digital infrastructure projects in both provinces represent an opportunity to collaboratively enhance competitive advantage in platform technologies and software-defined networking;

Whereas the Parties agree that supporting the growth of the digital ecosystem is expected to allow other transformative technologies to develop in both provinces;

Whereas bringing together collaborators from both the public and the private sector to materialize such projects is essential; and

Whereas the Parties will endeavour to accomplish these objectives  by exploring opportunities to work with organizations such as the Evolution of Networked Services through a Corridor in Québec and Ontario for Research and Innovation (ENCQOR) and the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), whose proposed projects are fully compatible with both provinces' vision of tomorrow;



The vision for a proposed 5G-next generation networks initiative is to ensure that Ontario and Québec are leaders in supporting next generation technologies, products and services for the digital economy global marketplace.

The aim is to support the building of infrastructure for a next-generation functional network over the next 5 years in the provinces of Ontario and Québec, which collectively have the 4th largest GDP in North America. More specifically, the proposed projects would seek to:

  • Develop an open innovation ecosystem model for next generation digital infrastructure;
  • Provide access to pre-commercial technologies such as 5G, programmable open broadband networks, the Internet of Things, silicon photonics, big data analysis and cloud computing;
  • Provide access to commercial technologies, such as 3G, 4G and LTE;
  • Develop several innovation and research sites dedicated to digital technology in Ontario and Québec; and
  • Build a digital infrastructure network to create the platform necessary for the adoption of other transformative technologies such as wireless health technologies, autonomous vehicles, advanced manufacturing, smart cities and cybersecurity.


Subject to necessary internal approvals, the Parties expect to fund the 5G project and call on the federal government to join them in supporting this initiative, including a financial participation

The ENCQOR 5G project is expected to be jointly funded by the private sector.  

The Parties will consider future projects for funding, including the proposed CENGN next generation network project. 


The Parties will charge their ministers responsible for innovation to make best efforts to:

  • Convene relevant stakeholders to develop detailed project plans, including how funding could be allocated;
  • Establish agreements, including confirmation of funding requirements that would officially establish the proposed 5G project with the stakeholders and the federal government.
  • Establish an agreement that officially establishes the relationship between ENCQOR and the Parties by the 31st of December, 2016.
  • Establish an agreement that officially establishes the relationship between CENGN and one or more of the parties as soon as reasonably possible.


This MOU does not constitute a legally binding obligation on either Party to proceed with any of the projects proposed.

The Parties may amend this MOU by a written document signed by each Party.

Either Party may terminate this MOU by providing at least 6 months written notice to the other Party.

Signed in Toronto, this 21st day of October, 2016, one in French and the other in English, both versions being regarded as equally authentic.



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