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Ontario Strengthening the Sustainability of Provincial Agencies

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Ontario Strengthening the Sustainability of Provincial Agencies

Province continues to build smarter government by improving efficiency, effectiveness and value for money of agencies

Treasury Board Secretariat

TORONTO — The government has completed a review of 191 provincial agencies to improve services, fix inefficiencies and take a smarter approach to spending taxpayer dollars. The review was led by the Agency Review Task Force, and resulted in a number of recommendations being made to either dissolve, merge, improve or maintain provincial agencies.

The review is part of the building smarter government plan recently announced by President of the Treasury Board Peter Bethlenfalvy. Together, these large-scale transformative projects, called Smart Initiatives, will change the culture of government, focus on outcomes and improve customer experience for Ontarians. 

"Our government values the important role provincial agencies play in delivering services to the people of Ontario," said Bethlenfalvy. "I'd like to thank the members of the Task Force for their thoughtful recommendations to strengthen our agency sector, and ensure our government is operating smarter. While we have already begun implementing some of the recommendations, further analysis and review is required prior to implementation."

In under a year, the Agency Review Task Force has reviewed all provincial agencies for efficiency, effectiveness, governance, sustainability, relevance and value for money.

As a result of the review, we are implementing recommendations that will:

  • Improve service delivery by encouraging agencies to identify opportunities to reduce red tape and create simpler and faster services. For example, the Ontario Labour Relations Board is working to deliver video conferencing options so Ontarians can appear at hearings remotely.
  • Support new digital services and user-friendly websites to help people access services that are streamlined and modern. For example, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal will help people save time by using online filing for applications and ultimately reduce processing times.
  • Enhance performance reporting across the sector by directing 20 per cent of all agencies to strengthen their performance reporting on outcomes of the services and programs they deliver.
  • Tackle redundancies by dissolving provincial agencies that have become dormant or unnecessary. For example, the province is proposing to dissolve the OMAFRA-appointed Board of Negotiation, which hasn't been used in over 20 years.
  • Strengthen agency sustainability by seeking to maximize existing and new revenue opportunities to ensure agencies remain competitive. For example, the Ontario Science Centre and Science North will look to new ways to increase attendance at attractions for all ages.
  • Implement administrative improvements in 47 per cent of all agencies to enable better outcomes for Ontarians while streamlining processes where administrative inefficiencies exist.
  • Increase good governance across 52 per cent of all provincial agencies to ensure board appointees have the skills and expertise needed to carry out the agency's mandate.

Our plan to build Ontario together includes working to evaluate the best approach to implement the Task Force's additional recommendations to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of provincial agencies.

"Governments should measure their success not just by the number of dollars spent but by the outcomes produced. The Task Force's work will lead not just to cost savings in the agency sector but to better governance and customer experience for Ontarians," said Stan Cho, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance.

"Together with an incredible group of MPPs, we challenged hundreds of provincial agencies to look critically at how they operate. Whether it be through delivering more services online, to consolidating backend operations, these changes will deliver better service to the people of Ontario," said Will Bouma, Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier.

"The review of provincial agencies is part of Ontario's plan to build smarter government and protect our core programs and services today, and for future generations," said Bethlenfalvy.

Quick Facts

  • The Agency Review Task Force is comprised of five members of caucus: MPP Stan Cho (co-chair), MPP Will Bouma (co-chair), MPP Effie Triantafilopoulos, MPP Daisy Wai, and MPP Billy Pang.
  • The 2019 Budget announced 10 provincial agencies recommended by the Task Force for dissolution.
  • The government is undertaking a number of Smart Initiatives to protect the sustainability of Ontario’s public services. The Smart Initiatives put into action recommendations of the EY Canada Line-by-Line Review and the Planning for Prosperity consultations, and are aligned with the 2019 Ontario Budget.

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